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Monterrey Series
Monterrey Series Quesadilla Baker

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monterrey quesadilla maker


monterrey series quesadilla maker is a must have for those that love cheese. quesadillas are easy to make and delicious to eat! kids love quesadillas and i'm glad i bought this. this quesadilla maker is easy to use and quick. quesadillas can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a variety of choices depending on what meat you want and what type of cheese you prefer. the red outer shell is bold but can get hot so i don't advise touching it. when making quesadillas, make sure you slice the meat whether chicken or beef into thin slices so they can get fully heated. also use shredded cheese or thinnly sliced cheese to make cooking faster. the outside should be nice and toasted in a matter or minutes then ENJOY! this is also very easy to clean.

florida, FL


Monterrey Series Quesadilla Baker

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