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Monster High
Monster High Walkie Talkies - Skull


Walkie Talkies - Skull.

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Waste of money


I thought that the Monster High Walkie Talkies would be a nice and cheap introduction for my niece, but I quickly found out that I wasted my money. These walkie talkies were very light and small enough for my niece to operate with one hand. The first time we used these devices I noticed a lot of static even though we were right next to each other. I also noticed that the speaker volume was very low whenever we would speak. I had to put the speaker right next to my ear to hear her response and I would get startled by loud static. I decided to test the distance on these devices by going around the corner and wasn't able to make contact because it was out of range. The straw that broke the camels back is that when I pushed in the response button it didn't recoil. It stayed in the down position and was rendered unusable after that point. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Monster High Walkie Talkie because it has weak signal strength, low speaker volume, and poor construction.

Westchester, IL


Monster High Walkie Talkies - Skull

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