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Monster Euro-Flex
Monster Euro-Flex Steam Cleaner/Wrinkle Remover

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Handy for Deep Cleaning Around the House


When I ran across this handheld machine at a yard sale I had no idea at how it would make cleaning so much easier. It came with several attachments from cleaning the floors to ironing out wrinkles in clothes. I watched a few videos breaking down how to use it and I couldn't wait to try it. My girls are always outside playing and when they come indoors from playing, their small hands seem to leave a trail of handprints on everything from the walls to door handle. I used the powerful steam and sprayed the walls with the monster, it cut through dirt effortlessly, I wiped the excess water and my walls were like new. I found myself cleaning my sink, shower and tub, even my vehicle, and I am so impressed with its cleaning power, there's a button to add cleaning solution or just use water for the tough messes in my home. The only complaint is having to fill it up often to clean but I don't mind. Since trying this machine out I have put away all my other cleaning gadgets and think I will stick with this one.



not up to par


The hose springs that connected the hoses together would pop out almost immediately. Tried to contact euro pro for replacement parts but unable to locate any viable address for assistance Performance No hoses working made this product unusable almost immediately after purchase Safety The springs that popped out during use would fly across the room or back towards me (the user) with a lot of unsafe force Ease of Cleaning Worked well for the short time it was usable Ease of Use It was easy to use until it fell apart Durability Hose connector springs began popping out almost immediately Design Cute design and the orange/black combination along with the cleaning possibilities it offered was great, but durability in the materials used & hose connector springs -not the best part of the design



Gets rid of all wrinkles!


I absolutely love the Monster Euro-Flex steam cleaner/wrinkle remover. It is light, and very easy to carry around. You can even take it with you when you are travelling. I would recommend this for anyone who needs an affordable and reliable wrinkle remover. Performance It gets even the toughest of wrinkles out of my clothes. Safety This product is actually quite safe. The steam does not come out hot enough to burn yourself, so it is completely safe for every one to use. Ease of Cleaning This machine is pretty easy to clean. No complaints there! Ease of Use This is the easiest cleaner/wrinkle remover I have ever used. In order to set it up, you just need to put the pieces together, and then you're ready to start removing wrinkles! Durability I have owned this steamer for over a year, and I have not had any problems with it. Design I absolutely adore the design! It is super unique and it looks like a fun way to take the wrinkles out of my clothes.



For the serious ironer!


The Monster Euro-Flex Steam Iron is for the serious iron enthusiast! Just fill with water, turn on switch, and light will come on when ready. Caution:  Keep your fingers away, will give you severe burns. But it will make short work of wrinkles. It has a long, flexible cord with a hanger to hang it where you get the preferred lenghth. It also has a light to tell you when the water is low. Ingenious!

Millersburg, PA


Gets rid of wrinkles in knit garments without damage."


I've had this Monster steam cleaner for several months now and have used it frequently for cleaning, but had never used the attachments that came with it.  This week I received a knit dress from a mail-order company, and of course it came in a UPS package, deeply creased from being folded in shipment. I was afraid to steam-press it using a regular steam iron and pressing cloth because I didn't want to press out the knit ribbing... and I certainly didn't want to accidentally burn the fabric by using the wrong iron setting.  Then I decided to give the steamer a try.  First I tried simply directing the steam at the wrinkles... but nothing happened.  Then I popped on the "steam pressing" head (DUH), which is just a flat attachment covered in a little terrycloth cap.  I brushed this over the dress, and the wrinkles fell away as if by magic.  We have a winner, folks. One caution:  the instruction guide that comes with this thing has a mistake that can be critical and even get you badly burned.  (It happened to me.)  The maximum quantity of water it says to use in filling the machine is too much.  The guide says the max is 300ml, but if you use that much, the steam will spurt out from the cap and cause the cap to get so hot it will burn you if you happen to touch it.  Use no more than 200ml of water and it works fine.  The 300ml is obviously a typo, which I hope they catch soon!

Saint Charles, MO


Monster Euro-Flex Steam Cleaner/Wrinkle Remover

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