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Monocibec Porcelain Floor Tile

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Is it stone or is it Monocibec porcelain tile?


When I first saw this tile, I knew I had found the perfect flooring for our master bath. I love stone, and would have been thrilled with a slate or travertine floor. However, natural stone flooring is high maintenance and prone to chipping. I passed. Then I met this porcelain tile and couldn't have been more pleased. This tile has a rough surface, "chipped" edges, gorgeous color variation, great looking veins. It is so stone-like. I chose 10 by 10 inch tiles and a medium dark grout. The result looks so very cool. This tile is tough. I have dropped the bar of the toilet paper dispenser on the floor too many times. The thing is chrome and hard, yet the floor tile never chips.  The rough surface means no one can slip on this tile if/when it gets wet. I like the light color of the tile because it keeps this very small bathroom from feeling dark and close. We chose the matching bullnose as well, which was the finishing touch I wanted. Two years have passed since we installed this floor, and I still look at it and smile with pleasure.


Appleton, WI


Monocibec Porcelain Floor Tile

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