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Monex Deposit Company - SCAM FRAUD WARNING!!!


I lost over $100,000 investing in the Monex Atlas Account. Their reps practice high pressure and deceptive sales tactics. Monex was ejected from the CFTC for excessive customer lawsuits and fraudulently selling off customer accounts. Monex has been sued 100's of times by unhappy customers like myself who lost a small fortune with this company. DO NOT SEND THIS COMPANY MONEY!



I never thought I could do it!


Investing is risky business and was once only for the wealthy.  Not anymore.  Who thought an average joe could ever invest in precious metals?  Well, you can.  If you are like me, you may have tried the stock market with small amounts of money and found you really didn't have the nervous system for this type of investing. If so, then you should look at precious metals.   I recently received a WebRelease though that brought forth another possibility that would give you something tangible and affordable.  What is this tangible item?  Silver.  The WebRelease focus was on Monex Deposit Company.  This company, which has been around for 30 years sells silver and other precious metals.  What I like about this is that the silver can be purchased in coin or ingot form.  You can invest smaller amounts, which works for me and right now the stockpiles of silver bullion is shrinking quickly making this a truly wise investment.  The prices per ounce are something that anyone can afford and they will deliver it to you (so that you are actually holding your investment) or they will put on deposit for you.  Precious metals are a unique investment, but makes sense in many ways for the person who wants to have a bit more control over their assets.

Biloxi, MS


Monex Complaints - F with the Better Business Bureau


This  Monex review (http://www.runtogold.com/monex-review-complaints-fraud)is pretty in-depth and shows how they have an F rating with Better Business Bureau (http://www.la.bbb.org/Business-Report/Monex-24970).  I would be very apprehensive about sending any money to Monex.

Indian Wells, CA



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