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Mom to Mom Supreme Diapers

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Bargain Bust


Unfortunately, a good value is not always a good idea. I bought these super cheap and was so excited. I quickly learned why they were at such a value. They leak and turn mushy inside so bits of diaper mush end up inside your baby bits. It's not fun. I do not recommend these.


Beaverton, OR




So this was my first time buying these diapers both my kids have worn pampers baby dry but the store was out and i decided to purchase these as it was the last box on the shelf. (we were just hit by hurricane harvey in houston tx) My son of 1 year only wore 1 diaper out of the entire box we purchased for less than 30 minutes and his whole private area, butt, part of his thighs were the diaper covers was all pure red! I was furious and couldnt believe it my kids have NEVER not even once gotten a rash. i dont know if it was a bad box or what but dont try these diapers just stick to pampers baby dry! they are seriously the best ones out there or huggies! GOOD LUCK!!!




I would never recommend these diapers


I have five children and these have been the WORST diapers I have ever used. I'm not sure if we bought a defective box but these are ridiculous. I have boy girl twins and the diapers always leak.. three to four outfits a day. I have by far spent the savings on laundry soap. The also have created rashes on both of my babies. I thought maybe I didn't change them in time or maybe my husband forgot so I started changing them every hour. Still with in that hour if my daughter peed her diaper would leak out the under leg side if my son peed it would leak all out the front top.. Forget night time.. every night they both leak! Every night.. I even started implementing a wake up change at 3 am so this didn't happen.. I'm so frustrated.. on the bright side they are no longer in a diaper long enough to create a rash since when they pee I change it immediately. I noticed that the diaper also doesn't soak up the urine. their skin stays wet after urinating. I will never buy these again and I wish I could get my money back!!


Woodinville, WA


I have been using this brand now since 2012


I have been using this brand for 5 yrs for 3 of my 6 babies. They are great for the price. They have recently improved , no complaints anymore. Half the price of name brand and work great.


North Bend or.


Wonderful Diapers!


This is the top pick for my husband and I after trying four other brands. We appreciate that the diapers are soft and conform to our baby. They don't feel wet when filled with a liquid as Pampers do. They are thin enough that we can see when the diaper has something other than a liquid, but not too thin that we have any leak issues. With them not being as bulky as others we have tried, we are able to have more on hand during traveling.


McKinney, TX


For my kids are the best.


Last all night long, never ha a leak! Great price and great diapers!


Washington DC.


Not a fan of these Diapers


I shop in Jewel and seen these and thought they were a reasonably priced but after using them just twice and both times my grand child leaked right through them and I have never had that problem with any of the other types so I will not be using them again


Elk Grove Village IL




I have tried all the different brands of diapers out there. From Huggies to the generic brand! I asked my husband too stop and pick up some milk and diapers after work. An of course typical man he didn't remeber the brand we buy!! So he brought me mom to mom brand.. At first I was like, "this brand isn't going to work at all!" But THESE are THEE BEST Diapers EVER... He always wakes up dry and they never leak!!!!!


Colorado Springs, Co


I used to love these diapers


Up until size 3 these diapers were my favorite. They were soft they had the blue line indicating a wet diaper and they weren't bulky when they got wet like all the other diapers. But as soon as I got to size number three. They were not as well-made there was no blue indicator line and they were not very soft and comforting.


Fillmore, ca


Best Cheap Diaper I have found


Lets face it, most store brand diapers will not hold a candle to name brand diapers, but the Mom to Mom brand is the exception. I have been cloth diapering my baby, but for a weekend trip recently I decided to take a break and use disposables. I bought these hoping I would not have to many problems, and have been very pleasantly surprised. They have held up for 12 hours over night and in long car rides. I have not had them leak one time. Granted I have only used them for 5 days, but I think I can get a pretty accurate understanding in 5 days. Ease of Use Just like any name brand diaper, off and on. I have noticed on some cheaper diapers the tabs have problems, but on the Mom to Mom I have not experienced that. They have held up for me. Leak Prevention I have not had a single leak so far. My baby has worn them over night and on long car rides. He is a very active baby, but still they have held up. Comfort Have not had a problem with them at all. Little guy does not seem to mind them any more then any other diaper, that is a win in my book.




Mom to Mom Supreme Diapers

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