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Mohawk carpet

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I prefer nylon carpet


I studied alot of types of carpet before I bought mine.  Mohawk had the best quality carpet for the money I needed the cut pile that was thick and durable. My house is casual, therefore the carpet must be neutral, and not show dirt.  The speckles of sandlike particles in the neutral color gave it a better blend with the walls and stained trim.  I liked the idea of a nylon fiber because each one is twisted separatly which gives it more durability. The polyester carpets are several strands twisted together which will pull apart and flatten over time.  The finish is hard and scratchy but it resists soil.  Once when I needed to clean a   spot  I put too much product on the stain and the carpet and pad fluffed up too much I thought I had ruined it but when it dried it went back to normal, however that spot now doesn't have any finish or scotch guard type feel to it. Be very careful what kind of cleaner you use.The line where the carpet is joined together shows a little but the installer said it was the color (light biege)  He said dark carpets do not show the line as much. This Mohawk carpet is a moderate priced carpet but is better than the contractor grade you get when you buy a new house.  I would buy this type and brand of carpet again.

Wake Forest, NC


Mohawk carpet

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