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Moen Renzo Chrome One-Handle Low Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet CA87316C

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Moen Renzo 1 Handle Kitchen Faucet - fantastic!


We got this faucet 2 years ago and we're so happy with it. it has a wide head and can be lifted out to clean the rest of the sink. THe handle is easy to maneuver even with your elbow. There is also an option to spray although we rarely use this. The head part is shiny but seems almost plasticy which is maybe the only negative but you could never tell without tapping it. Recommended.


Orlando, FL


Renzo is awesome faucet ... Moen stands behind its products.


We had a Torrance (white, single handled pullout) for many years. After hard water for the first half of it's life took its toll, I began to replace parts. Then the complete centre NPT connection disintegrated. I went out and bought a new Renzo style in brushed nickel. I then called Moen for some reason to ask about future warranty of the new unit and they sent me the exact same new Renzo (that I had bought) to replace the old Torrance model that had paid for itself long ago. Now that's customer service. I took my Renzo back for a refund. Thank you Moen. There will never be need to shop elsewhere !!


New York, NY


High quality product and the best service of ANY product.


This review is for the "Renzo" model kitchen faucet.   I just installed the faucet two days ago, and it was the easiest I have done to date. The device is very cool looking and superbly functional. This is our second Moen product installed in the same sink, and we have been very happy with both. We had a major problem with the older faucet and the people at Moen were quick to take our call and completely replaced the unit without question. These faucets are easy to install and, as I said, work and look great.


Manchester, CT


moen has the best options in hardware


hi i bought my kitchen faucet at the hardware store and it has been the best decision i've made. with the pullout spout and second pressure setting its great. i would always recommend moen to everyone i know. i bought it in polished nickel which was pretty and went with my silver sink. thanks to moen my kitchen sparkles.


Matthews, NC


Moen Renzo Single Handle- control with one flick


**Moen Renzo Single Handle Kitchen Faucet- was installed by a friend. The faucets before this one were the old-fashioned kind- that I struggled to turn on/off- when they got dirty, rusty, or simply old and eventually broke off. ** **The Moen Renzo single handle kitchen faucet- has been a charm- I used a flick of my wrist to turn on the water when my hands are dirty- from dirt, raw meat, grease, and other stuff. I am able to control it just so with the back of my hand. I also recently put in a water control device to it and it works even better- so that I can save water. I had this faucet for a few years and it still works like new. I have to remember to polish it- to thank it for being so useful.  I just love using it and will never go back to using old-fashioned faucets ever!**


Mililani, HI


cool, moen renzo faucet is nice to have


thanks to my husband we have a new faucet.  It fairly esy to install foer him.  He is a handy man by this was new to him.  I feel this looks better and is easy to use them of other one we use to have.  We are very budget conscous but feel this was worth spend a little money on.  it make everything look nicer.  I ready to find the same brand for the batheroom next. 


Iowa Falls, IA


I was not very pleased at all


I was not at all pleased with this faucet. After using it for only a matter of 3 months or less, the sprayer cracked causing water to spray all over the kitchen. It is only my husband and myself so it's not like kids rough housed with it. It was just normal everyday use. We now went back to the old fashioned cheaper faucet. Never again will a buy another one.


Lockport, IL


Moen Renzo faucet is quality, function & easy use all in one.


I bought the Moen Renzo faucet to replace a stationary single faucet in my laundry room & craft area upstairs where I have a sink, single burner cooktop & microwave to do various tasks related to numerous hobbies such as making candles, soap, lotion & scented bath supplies. I also use this sink to wash delicate items & occasionally as a secondary cleaning station for the upstairs - very convenient since the kitchen is downstairs with the living & dining rooms. The Renzo faucet was a huge improvement in convenience. The sprayer is great for filling buckets, rinsing off tools or supplies, filling vases, or rinsing delicate clothing items. Bathroom faucets are too low to work well for these types of things. Cleaning the sink itself is easier, too. The Renzo style is simple, fits nearly any decor, & the Moen brushed nickel finish tends to disguise water spots. I's also well-designed to fit your hand so is comfortable to use. The sprayer function works well with an easy side to side push button. The hose was a bit stiff at first but it loosened up after use. The only negative & this doesn't rate removing a star is that spray function reverts to running when you turn the faucet off. Many times I need to stop in the middle of sprayer actions to answer phone, etc & would prefer the spray function to remain on until I actually turn it off.


Orange, VA


Moen pull out faucet is ease at your fingertips.


I LOVE this faucet!  After buying a new kitchen sink, a faucet update was necessary and this fit the bill perfectly.  The pull out handle is awesome & lets you reach where you can't with an ordinary faucet.  You also have the option of using a spray or regular flow.  It's well built and fits with basically any decor.


Solon Springs, WI


this faucet is sleek, reasonable in price and very functional


I purchased this faucet over 18 months ago replacing another moen faucet.  The one thing that attracted me to this kitched faucet was the pullout spout and higher arch on the faucet.  When cleaning pots and pans especially 12 quart pots this spiket comes in very handy.  I love not only the pull out spout but with a touch of a button can go from stream to spray very easily.  The price was also very attractive.  I would recommend this to anyone that asked and I will never go back to a standard type faucet again in my kitchen.


Belleville, IL


Moen Renzo Chrome One-Handle Low Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet CA87316C

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