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Moen Quinn Chrome Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray 87845

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Moen Quinn Chrome Faucet system


We LOVE this faucet system. My husband bought it and installed it himself and we used it for years and never had one problem. We actually are building a house and will buy the exact same system! We bought it from a home improvement store for about 70% less than you can buy it at a plumbing specialty store so we really got a bargain. This systems if very easy to use and looks fantastic with any kitchen colors and styles. Our kitchen now is very dark warm colors and our new kitchen will be white and light greys and it looks just as good there too! We highly recommend this system.



too long of a lag between hot and cold


I bought this (Moen 87845) to replace a standard Moen faucet with no sidespray.  The high arc and simple styling were appealing.  My major objection is that it takes several seconds to switch between hot and cold.  I wouldn't think this is much of a problem, except every time I used the "old school" Delta 100 at work, I was reminded of what a PITA this thing is. The reason for the delay is the rather large spout, and about 22" (60cm) flex line between the valve and the gooseneck, and the rather large gooseneck itself.  If I were to keep it, I'd splice about 10" out of the flex line. I then found out that this model was sold outside of California and Vermont in a version not certified as lead-free.  Customer service's response is "it meets regulations where you live".  (except there are no lead regulations where I live.)  Moen was inconsistent in their information, but it is unclear whether the housing is lead-free, which would affect using water when operating the sidespray and moving the faucet head.  Given the lag time for changes, it was disappointing that Moen shipped different units according to local regulations.  Fortunately, the main valve is lead-free certified, as are replacement parts.  (That means that so long as the faucet head and sidespray aren't moved, the water is lead-free.) The new ones with the "CA" (CA87845) are lead-free, so if the time lag is not irritating, the single handle model is worthwhile.  As to reported failures, I think the "4000" ceramic cartridge in the single handle version is fairly robust.  It also operates very smoothly, and is convenient to use. This will end up on Craigslist, because after a year, I've ordered a Delta "Linden" sidespray model, which is essentially an upgrade to their Delta 100.      

Arlington, VA


Moen Quinn Chrome Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray 87845

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