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Moen Monticello Shower Faucet

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Our shower was leaking, so our previous landlord bought this shower faucet as a replacement. I had always heard good things about Moen, but I only ended up seeing average results. It has worked all right for us, but I don't think I would buy it again if I had a choice. Design On the plus side, our shower did stop leaking with this faucet. But the instructions were very unclear. We ended up figuring out how to connect the parts inside the wall based on common sense and plumbing knowledge, since the directions were pretty much useless. The handle is also poorly designed. The directions for that part were more clear, we put it together correctly, and all connectors are tightened down. Yet it still feels very loose and wobbles all over the place. It doesn't leak, but it also feels like it could snap off very easily. The shower head is also awkward. It has a tiny pipe going into it (that was flimsy when putting it on), but the head is huge. It's a strange design.



Monticello Brushed Nickel Sun Flower Delight


After 8 years as a rental I moved back to my home. The old Moen faucets were outdated and perhaps a bit worse for the wear. I only realized later that this was the updated model for the one I was replacing. The updates were great - the new Monticello series feels more robust and the shower head is the new "Sun Flower" design. The plumber that installed this told me the old model was the "worst design" moen had ever made (for plugging up). The new one is fabulous. And always, Moen has a lifetime guarantee. If it fails; if the finish tarnishes - they'll replaced it.

Austin, TX


Moen Monticello Shower Faucet

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