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Moen Legend One-Handle Kitchen Faucet 7310

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Very Classy


Moen Model 7310 Legend One-handle Kitchen Faucet is very attractive and easy to clean and very versatile for using one hand when busy cooking in the kitchen. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs more convenience in their kitchen.You will find that this moen model 7310 one-handle kitchen faucet is easily installed.


Lincoln, NE


Lasts forever!


Moen is the one brand I always saw before I bought my house- each apartment I lived in had Moen faucets. That's why I knew that when I bought a house, I would use Moen Faucets. They are made to last, tolerate "abuse" from kids and impatient adults without leaking or corrosion. Regarding price, sometimes you really do get what you pay for!


Naperville, IL


The Moen Model 7310 does not hold up under (hard water) pressure


I have first hand knowledge of the Moen Model 7310 Legend One-Handle Kitchen Faucet. This faucet is in my kithchen as I speak . I really like the style of this faucet, simple and classic.With one handle it is very easy to use in the kitchen. The trouble is that our home has well water and we don't use a water softener. The hard water corrodes the inner workings of thr faucet and it becomes difficult to stop water from leaking. I have been told by a plumber that if I purchased a water softener for the whole house, my faucets would last longer.If you have hard water, beware,but if not this is a good faucet..


Chardon, OH


We have a Moen Model 7310 in our kitchen and I do enjou it.


The Moen Model 7310 Legend One-Handle Kitchen Faucet we have in our kitchen has worked nicely for the last 7 years with on problems. I have a large one sink and it works very well to cover the whole area of the sink. The one handle is very handy when I have my hands full or can't turn nobs.


Mount Pleasant, UT


moen faucet are some of the best on the market


I won a moen faucet at a golf outing and installed it in the house i was renting and couldn't be more pleased with the perfomance of this product. I think moen makes very durable and long lasting products. I would highly recomend buying moen.


Florence, KY


Great Sink For Mom doing many things at once


We recently added this faucet in our kitchen and have had nothing but great results. The appearance is vry clean and streamlined but the ease of use is what I like best.  I like that it moves side to side with ease and whether I am making lunches with peanut butter hands or cooking chicken with grimy hands I can easily switch from hot to cold or on to off with my elbow or whatever else I have near by. We love this faucet


Kenosha, WI


Our faucet lasted 6 years but...


We bought this faucet when we remodeled our kitchen. I guess the main reason we got it was for the name. They are "built for life", however, I wouldn't exactly say that was the case in our situation. I'm a mom of 3 boys and a daycare owner with 12 kids in my care. I guess 5 years of service was good under the circumstances, but overall, I think it could have lasted longer. When it broke, the entire base of it broke in half, rendering it completely useless. We ended up having to replace it with another brand. All in all though, it was good while it was there. And, it worked good enough so the kids could wash their hands and clear their own dishes, which I'm sure excited them to no end. I did like the spray of the hose with this too. Some of them have a very small trickle in the hose but that one really worked well. Always spraying hard enough to get the gunk off or cleaning out the bottom of trash cans. I would recommend it.. if it was a quieter house than mine :)


Duluth, MN


One Handle Kitchen Faucet is the most commonly used faucet


The faucet is good at first. The thing I like most about it is that it does not take too much space in my kitchen. I don't get easily confused when I am washing dishes or when I am cleaning vegetables for dinner. It allows me to concentrate on what I am doing. The water comes out fast enough and it lets me set the water temperature to my likings. When I am done with the water all I need to do is just shut the faucet down and it is off. My only set back about the one handle faucet, is that after awhile of wear it tends to start leaking which is not good because it wastes water. Even  though its easy to repair, or cheap enough to replace the whole faucet and even at that its really easy to replace I don't need a plumber to come in and replace I can do it myself. Which is good, because that saves me money. When  I am done with dinner and me and my husband are doing the dishes, when I turn the water off and put the dish rags away my faucet looks nice! Very simple, very in-exspenisve to have in my home.




Gets the job done


This is a good faucet. I got this one to replace an old faucet that was acting up and leaking water from the handle base. Also the sprayer on the old one was very tempermental. is This faucet less expensive than other brands that I looked at but it gets the job done.  No reggrets buying it. I like the single hand faucets but some have handles that are too long I think. This one is OK and I like the Moen brand too. Quality is good so far been using it for a couple of years and had noi issues with it. the sprayer also works good. I bought another higher quality more expensive faucet also, the one that the head comes out and becomes a sprayer, but after comparing both I opted to install, although I also kept the other one because I got it on sale, this model because of the side sprayer. In spite of the fact that the other one looks fancier and nicer but I don't really care about that, especially that this doesn't look bad either. I recommend this product.


Toledo, OH


This is the best thing EVER!!!


I love this product!! I love having everything in one place--no more having to have the cord getting tanged in everything, it is much easier to use this way.  It also makes it easier to water the plants outside my window in the summer, and give me an edge when the kids run past the window with water guns--I never loose with this one!!


Cleveland, OH


Moen Legend One-Handle Kitchen Faucet 7310

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