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Moen Inspire Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower

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I would buy it again


I love this shower head ! And all the different spray options there's a really nice one for my back that once I'm done I turn it to that setting and turn on some hot water and it helps my back feel so much better!


Chicago, il


This Moen Handheld Showerhead is average in my opinion.


This Moen Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower head is average in my opinion. It has a smooth finish that goes well in many types of bathroom decor. The shower head itself gives a large spray area with adjustable settings. I did find it awkward to use as a hand held unit. The head itself seemed to feel out of balance for me making it hard for me to hang onto. The handle itself can be difficult to hang onto when soapy, making it slip quickly from your hand and hitting against the shower wall or yourself. The hose part of the shower head does appear to be long enough for one to use so they don't have to stand directly next to the wall where the shower has been attached. I did find though, that over a period of a few uses the holder for the shower head did not hold up very well. It easily broke. There was not a replacement holder available, so to make the shower head either stationary or hand held, one has to buy the whole handheld shower assembly. That can be quite a pricey investment.


Hermiston, OR


Perfect for everyone whether a long shower or a quick gotta go.


 I love our shower head. I told my husband after we went through 3 shower heads ina short period of time that he had to buy a quality shower head because it would last MUCH longer and in time be really worth the price. With a household of 3 adults and 2 children we really needed something that would last and could take the punishment of  a lot of use. I won't ever buy any other kind of shower head but Moen


Pueblo, CO


It's like bringing the hotel's showee home.


I had been complaing about our old shower for a long time, when finally my boyfriend said come with me and boy was I shocked when he too to pick out a new showerhead.  I chose the Moen Brushed Nickel Handheld Showerhead, for one it did not look cheap or cheesy and was not to pricey.  I love this showerhead and would highly reccomend it to everyone. 


Atlanta, GA


The Only Way to Shower!


Keeps the water pressure up for a great clean feeling.  The hose is a good lenth for easy movement. Great for my back and sholders, no more bending and twisting around in the shower to get the soap out of my hair.  Great mix of spouts too.


Waterbury, VT


the moen brushed handheld showerhead is awesome.


this showerhead is awesome it has good pressure and flow. if your old showerhead is beginning to wane you may want to consider this showerhead for all your "personal" needs. i would say that this is one of the best investments of 2010. i bought mine in march and i absolutely love it. i would buy these as gifts for my whole family. so dont you think that you desrve the best out there. then get your tail out there and buy this awesome showerhead. you won't be dissapointed. i promise that if you dont like it they will give you your money back guarantee. so what are you waiting for go buy this awesome showerhead today. you can hold it in your hand and wash your hair or back easily. trust me i wouldn't lie to you would i? you should buy it today, tonight whenever as long as its soon. it's also very easy to install. it's so easy to install that a caveman could do it. haha funny right? sorry geico.


Jacksonville, FL


My own personal spa...


I love my new Moen Showerhead!  It not only looks sheek and expensive, but it provides a wonderful, pampering shower flow that makes me feel as if I own my own spa!  I find myself taking longer showers just to enjoy the rain-like quality of the shower.  I am so happy with my purchase, I have gone and bought my mom and sisters ones for thier homes as well.  


Cleveland, TN


Taking a shower....


**I love taking a shower.  It's the first thing you do in the morning and it is really realxing and gets your day started off right.  That is why I when I decided to get a new shower head I wanted to look around for just the right one.  When I chose this particular shower head I knew there would not be any dissapointment.  I had heard nothing but rave and positive reviews regarding this particular shower head.  Friends and family have tried it and they loved it.  So I figured I would give it a shot.  It came with a money back guarantee anyhow.  As long as I kept the receipt, which I always do.  I attached the shower head as described in the packaging and showered away.  Amazing!  There is literally no other way to describe the experience.  It was as fun as....  Well I won't go there.  But let's just say there is no other feeling like it.  I would recommend this shower head to anyone.  Period.  Thanks.**


Plainwell, MI


I never want to get out of the shower with Moen's showerhead


I absolutely love this showerhead!! It has great water pressure, and I love the mount that you can attach it to. For years I had purchased a low - priced shower head, only to have it break after a couple of years. After much research I narrowed it down to a few different showerheads, but Moen's handheld showerhead always seemed to come out on top. I really love this and though it was a bit expensive, it is well worth it. It has already outlasted several other showerheads I had purchased in the past. I really like the fact that it has a long hose. This is really great for washing / showering small children. Also I've started to wash the dog in the shower because the long hose work wonderfully for that. The brushed nickel goes very well with the decor of the rest of my bathroom and gives me many options if I wish to redecorate. If all their products are as great I will be a life - long customer.


Highland, NY


the moan brushed nickel handheld showerhead is convenent


The Mouned brushed nickle handheld shower is likeable,It seems to give out the rite amount of pressure ,it rinses your hair theroughly,I peresonly love that it has serveral settings,you can enjoy a message to a misty waterfall to just enough pressure to stand there and relax in.I also like that it doesnt seem to clog to were you haft to poke at the wholes,use some kind of cleaner or just get haf a shower. The only thing that there would be for me to complain about would be the cost,im usualy the one who buys the cheaper versions that dont hook up rite,clog or break quite quickly,other than that i love the product.           Thank You Mellissa


Monroeton, PA


Moen Inspire Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower

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