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Great digital art!


I found Modern Digital canvas while looking for a unique way to preserve pictures and give them as gifts. I was skeptical at first, as I usually am when I come across a new website. Luckily this time the chance I took to order digital art made was a great choice. The art was beautifully done, it was priced very well and shipped well so no harm came to it. I expected to pay way more for the products I ordered and was surprised that what I paid to order through them was way less than other websites I looked at. Ease of Use The website and ordering was easy to use, the website is very user friendly. Product Selection I am always blown away by the sheer amount of choices in products that there are available to choose from. Product Pricing Product pricing is much better than a lot of the websites that are out there. Customer Service I've only spoken to customer service on one occasion, but it was easy and a great experience then. Shipping and Returns I've never had to return Anything but shipping has always been good.



Digital Art for a Steal


Modern Digital Canvas was listed in Dwell magazine (one of my most trusted design sources) - so I checked it out about a year ago.  I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of quite moderately priced art available.  I purchased Sunday (the image listed on this review) in large for $249.  The shipping process was easy - did not take long - and everything was packed securely.  (To ship a Jumbo print within the United States is about $35 - they are very light, but large.  They also ship to Canada and the United Kingdom.)   I LOVE this site because it's still relatively unknown, so you won't see your art in all of your friend's places  They also ONCE offered a service that allowed one to send in one's own photos and they would send back a produced canvas version.   I'm not exactly sure if they still do this - searched around their site and didn't see that - but they have a "chat with customer service function on-line," so might be a good question to pose if that's of interest. The MDC gallery provides consumers with original art on large canvases at reasonable prices.  So, instead of getting a standard dime-a-dozen poster print and framing it, you can get a strong piece work on canvas.  I would highly recommend Modern-Digital-Canvas. 

Chicago, IL



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