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Models Prefer
Models Prefer Aquavit Brush-On Brilliance Perfect Prep Face Primer

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OK tell me again why I need this.


I recently purchased a cosmetics kit from Models Prefer that came with about 10 different products.  Some were great, some were so so, but one I just cannot figure out why anyone would need.  I surely don't need it, it didn't do anything but make me look freaky, and it has be baffled.  That product is Aquavit Perfect Prep Face Primer. Perfect Prep Face Primer comes in a big tube that looks like a really fat magic marker.  When the cap is removed it exposes what looks like a medium sized paint brush.  The brush is connected to the inside of the tube which contains the primer and if you press the button at the other end of the tube the primer squeezes out thru the top of the brush so you can brush it all over your face. Perfect Prep Face Primer is supposed to make up wear longer by creating a barrier between the skin and my foundation. It is not shiny or greasy and is matte after it dries.  But it makes my skin feel icky. When I wear my Bare Minerals foundation on it's own it feels very light and airy and feels like wearing nothing at all.  But when I use the face primer before hand my face feels dirty before I've even applied any makeup. It's not a good feeling. The primer is also supposed to make one's face look more even toned and flawless after foundation is applied however it changes the look of my mineral foundation which is normally a bare skin look to what looks like I've used liquid or creme makeup.  I don't like that way that lit makes my make up look masklike nor the way it makes my skin feel so I don't see the need for this product.  Not only that, it sort of smells like crayons.  I don't like scented face products and I certainly don't want anything that smells like crayons on my face.   

Annapolis, MD


Models Prefer Aquavit Brush-On Brilliance Perfect Prep Face Primer

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