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Mode Merr

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Real Woman's Sizes, but Pushing it with the 'Naughty'


Oh, the clothes that modemerr.com offers are too fabulous! Not only to look at, but I could see myself wearing several of the pieces that they have shown. I love the way that they have styled the models and how the models look like a 'real' woman and not some skinny 'toothpick' girl with a pretty face. Totally and 100% supporting this independently owned site and how the clothes are of a very good quality. The shipping prices are very reasonable. The one down side is the way they have their models pose at times. The poses don't show off the clothes in the best way possible, but tend to go toward that sexy, naughty look of a man's dream-like state. I would not personally be standing at attention saluting someone or have my head cocked to one side, twirling my hair and have one foot popped up - just not realistic. The site seems to be pushing an overly sexy theme through out, it does cross the line with their see through tops. I also believe the prices are a bit much. I know that this is an independently owned, but if I want a $70 dollar skirt I can get one from a designer store instead. I think that they could add a bit more color to the site because it seems that the only color comes from the pictures themselves. I would consider buying clothes form this site if the prices were right; I would also introduce my friends to this site.



Vintage-inspired clothing with personality... for all sizes


I came across Mode Merr in one of those strange internet searches for a very specific thing--in this case, "nautical dress" for a friend's wedding. The site is inspired by vintage clothes--as in, the models look like Betty Page--and it's separated into categories like "good girls" and "bad girls" and "booze hounds." There are some classic items like black skirts, but also some trippy things like dresses with pink elephants, and bras with doll heads. Not just anyone would enjoy shopping here, but it's a fun look! And if you want a vampy peasant dress a la Cyd Charisse in An American in Paris, here's the site. The clothes are very very well made and really are available in many sizes, unlike most similar sites. I do recommend emailing them with your measurements, however, rather than just trusting the size chart.

Chicago, IL


Mode Merr

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