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Mobi MobiCam DXR Digital Video Monitor

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Awesome thing to have


I have a young daughter who has major issues sleeping. We bought the Mobi digital video monitor and it has been wonderful. My daughter wakes up about every hour every single night and I would say, the regular baby voice monitors are ok, but when you want to know what your child is doing, the video monitor it a must have. I like to be able to see if my daughter is just fussing or if she is trying to get up. Having the Mobi DXR digital video monitor has allowed me to make less trips to my daughters room and that is wonderful. I can't say enough about this product. I will say the price is a lot higher than the regular baby monitors, but it is so worth the extra money. The quality of the video and sound is wonderful. I would recommend this monitor to anyone and have. Sound/Video Clarity Great quality. Very clear picture and sound. Interference You can have too much around it and cause interference. Just make sure it is in a place where you don't have a lot of other electronics. Durability It seems to be a very durable product.




Mobi MobiCam DXR Digital Video Monitor

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