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Mobal International Cell Phones

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Love our Mobal phone


We purchased and have used our Mobal phone for several years. For both business and personal travel, it has been very convenient to have a "local" phone when we are in Europe, rather than paying international roaming charges. We appreciate the excellent customer service and reliability of our device. Highly recommended!

Newington, CT


Must-have phone for international travelers


I've had a Mobal 'world' phone for over two years now and it's been invaluable when I travel on business. I go all over the world - such as Asia and Europe. The Mobal phone works everywhere I go. I also use the phone to pick up emails - although writing anything other than short messages is a awkward on the phone I have. It's possible to get discounts on your calls by recommending the servce to friends. I've taken advantage of this and get 40% off my calls, which is good. When I bought the phone, they supplied some free travel adaptors, which is really useful because as well as charging the phone anywhere in the world, I can also use the adaptors for charging my laptop and camera batteries.  

Los Angeles, CA


Mobal International Cell Phones

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