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Nice fleece blankets, mediocre customer service


This online shop was recommended to me by a family member - as a joke, seriously! The thing is though, there is one thing on this particular site that really caught my eye though. The site sells high quality fleece blankets that are simply adorable! There are over 20 different designs to choose from. They were very inexpensive so I purchased a different design for each of my children. They arrived packed in a water proof clear plastic bag. The blankets are warmer than they appear and it is best to order multiples at one time so that you save a bit on the shipping. The shipping costs are very easy to calculate before you even make a purchase as they are flat rates. The customer service in general could use a bit of an upgrade. It is often difficult to get in contact with anyone or their responses seem to be overlooked or disregarded unless it is prior to you placing an order. I also had a bit of an issue with their untimely delivery but have learned that if I want to receive my order by a certain deadline I should place the order a month in advance. The quality of the fleece is worth the price and the wit. I would just suggest that you place your order in a timely fashion and have a bit of patience when waiting on a response for best results with this site.



Poor quality merchandise. No customer service.


I am in the 5th month of dealing with this company, trying to get my money back when the blouse they sent fell apart. They promised a refund and then lied and said he didn't make that promise. In the meantime I returned the product as requested and am having to call them and contact them repeatedly trying to get my money back.



Nice clothing for a reasonable price.


I am a very large person (573lbs) and I found a clothing store online that has the most reasonable pricing with a great selection in sizes that fit!   There's a great selection in multiple types of clothing, ie, activewear, dressy clothing and nightware.I purchased 2 skirts for $14 a piece in almost the biggest size they had.  All sizing costs the same!  I was very pleased with the skirts I received.

Hollywood, FL



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