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Mitsubishi - 65 inch Rear Projection HD Television

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Save your Money!


Please save your money on this one.  Purchased in Dec 2006 and fan failed on first model within 3 weeks.  The store we purchased it from said that they had had a number of complaints on this same problem and brought out a new set within a week to replace it.  We started experiencing same problem again about 2 weeks ago and called for service with no response.  On Friday the lamp on the unit went out in addition to the fan problem.  The store finally provided us with the number to a local shop which was authorized to do waranty work for Mitsubishi.  They will be out next week.We thought we did our research on this TV before spending that much money.  Now we feel that after the 1 year waranty is up, we will be stuck with either endless costs and repair bills or deciding to just buy another TV.  The price of the 65 inch projection TV has come down considerably since the purchase and looks like a good deal if you are shopping and comparing prices and features.  When the TV was working it was great, but with 3 failures of the same model with 2 different TV's in about 10 months time, it does not say much about the quality and dependability of this brand and model.


Wichita, KS


Top notch home theater experience


If you want a true rendition of colors, skip the thin/flat/digital screens and go analog. This set has the deepest blacks you'll find, bright, true colors, and is highly tweakable. Keep it in a dark room and keep it calibrated, and its the best home theater experience for the investment.


Chicagoland, IL




we researched plasma, lcd and rear projection tvs for months.  Finally settled on the Mitsubishi 65 inch rear projection.  We love it.  It is very user friendly, easy to hook up to home theater, dvr cable box, etc.  High definition rocks.!!!!


Summerville, SC


Mitsubishi - 65 inch Rear Projection HD Television

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