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Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

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Misto is a mystery product!


I bought a Misto olive oil sprayer a few days ago and I was initially confused as to how it worked. I checked out some videos online and I found Misto to be great. Easy to Use and serves the exact purpose of just oil spraying. No aerosol can. So its green. It can be refilled to use over and over again. Makes your salad great. I even tried it on my grill and it was perfect. More over I even used grapeseed oil than olive oil and worked really great. Ease of Cleaning There is no much sci fi knowledge required to use this product and cleaning is absolutely easy. Durability There is no worry about how long the misto can would last. I am sure it would last really long and serve its value. Design Easy and perfect design. No too much oil. Just the right pressure to spray the right quantity of oil on to our food.



Great Design Idea, TERRIBLE Performance


I LOVE the idea of the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. We have used olive oil for cooking for so many years - long before it became a movement like it is now. I have not used aerosol sprays because I don't like them over the years, despite people telling me how handy it was to use them. When I saw the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer, I was very excited. I thought that it would be a fantastic way to use our beloved olive oil in a way that was efficient yet effective and healthy too. You put olive oil a little less than halfway in the container, pump to build up pressure and then spray. That is how it is supposed to work, anyway. Not so much for me. What I thought was going to be a fantastic gizmo turned out to be more of a hassle than anything. Ease of Cleaning Boy is this thing hard to clean. When using it only a few times, the sprayer became clogged and I could not clean it out no matter what I did. The olive oil came leaking out everywhere and the entire thing became covered in oil which make it hard to clean. I tried and tried to get it working again, cleaning it every way I knew possible and it didn't work. After only a week of use, this was horrible. Durability After only using this for a week, it got clogged and oil went everywhere. I did everything as instructed and was very careful with this sprayer. I am very disappointed with the durability of this mister. Even if it was free, it wasted oil and frustrated me beyond belief. Design This should have lasted longer than this. I was very careful with this mister, but it just didn't work. For some reason, the oil clogged the sprayer quickly. I fault the design. I did not keep this in the refrigerator, so it was not that quality of the oil. It was not anything that was in the oil either- it was clean and clear of debris.

Podunk, NY


Very Handy Misto Sprayer


I mentioned to my sister and brother in law that I needed a mister or something to easily spray oil onto my vegetables on the grill. They told me about the Misto that they found so I had to have one. It is so easy to carry out to the grill with other utensils needed. It has a beautiful brushed steel look and a lid that pumps up and down to build up the pressure in order to spray onto your veggies or whatever you are preparing. The lid also is great to have because I leave it sitting outside by the grill as long as I am grilling. I also use it in the house if I am sauteeing or need a slight touch of oil on something. It is very handy to have and is very easy to use. You fill it about 1/3 of a cup or half full, pump until firm, remove the lid then spray. It is also made in the USA which is an added plus. Don't know what I did without it!

Flint, TX


Misto Oil Sprayer- No Fluorocarbons, Less Calories


I purchased my Misto About 1 year ago and I am very happy with it. Like most items, you have to use something for a while to figure out the ways that are most benefictial to you. Being Figure conscious and trying to cut fats,. the Misto is good for applying a thin layer of oil in whatever cooking vessel that you are using. I use mine everyday. The foods that would not be as good without it are pancakes and eggs,.. because you can use a thin coating but you dont have an oily mess. Some people in some reviews complain that their misto get an Rancid Oil smell after a couple of months. I have not had that problem. I only fill mine about 1 third of the way full.. I have one with olive oil and one with canola Oil. Everytime i run out, I disassemble and clean all parts thoroughly.. including the cap. I like being about to use less oil, and not expose my family to the air propelleant chemicals in prepared oil sprays.

Morgantown, WV


The misto is a great gift for any cook


My wife bought the misto and gave it to me for my birthday a few months ago.  I can honestly say, it has been one of the best gifts I have every received.  I love to cook and I love to use olive oil, so this was right down my alley.  The misto is very easy to fill, very easy to clean and very easy to use.  Plus is saves me a ton of money in olive oil and as a substitute for other cooking sprays like Pam.  Not to mention the fact the it is healthier for you and environmentally friendly since you are not throwing an aerosal can aways every few weeks. I primarily use it to add olive oil to salads, oil meat and vegatables before grilling them and oil a pan before cooking.  The only down side when compared to an aerosal can sprayer is that it does not seem to spray as even.  This has not been a big issue with me since I do not mind using a little extra oil to get good coverage. I have heard people having clogging problems, but I haven't yet.  Maybe I haven't owned it long enough to have it clog.

Cincinnati, OH


Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

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