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Mirage Engineered
Mirage Engineered Golden

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Mirage Engineered Wood Flooring -- Sophistication with any work


Due to my husband's asthma and allergies, we decided to get wood flooring. After 1 year of researching, testing, examining, and questioning, we picked Mirage Engineered Wood Flooring. We got the 3 5/16" wide planks in the golden. It changed not only the look of our house, but changed the amount of work we put into cleaning. Our room went from dust-filled carpet to smooth, elegant-looking flooring. We chose a satin finish (not a high gloss finish) so not every scratch or foot print would show. And that has worked out greatly. It's been installed almost 9 months now and not a mark is seen. Cleaning it is a cinch. All you need is a flat mop and lightly go over the floor to keep the grit from grinding in. It is so simple. We have dropped things on the floor and not a dent. We also have four dogs. They run and play on it without a problem. Not a scratch. It is so durable. Being from a climate that has four seasons, the season changes has not affected the planks whatsoever. No warping or spacing problems. Just a great product.    

Hazlet, NJ


Mirage Engineered Golden

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