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MiracleWear Meals in Minutes Microwave Fish and Vegetable Steamer

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Fast and easy cooking


I found the Miracle Ware Meals in Minutes Microwave Fish and Vegetable Steamer set after clearing out the bottom cupboard and after giving them a quick wash decided to try it out for the veggies that were planned to have for dinner. I haven't used the microwave before for steaming veggies but this product actually does do as its name states, it steamed my veggies in a matter of minutes and that part of preparing dinner was done. I believe this product would work best for individuals that don't have a lot of time to prepare meals at home and want to save time making them but not eliminating healthy food choices. This steamer can be used for veggies and fish, and judging from the material of the product, it isn't that ideal since its plastic but I am guessing this steamer set wouldn't have cost that much and it was easy to clean as nothing really got trapped or stuck in it. I won't be using it again but that doesn't make it a bad steamer as it did steam my veggies in minutes and they still tasted great to me and it provided a quick and easy way to cook veggies. Recommend it to cooks with little time in the kitchen.



Quick Cooking


I got this as a gift. I can not say that I would purchse this for someone. It is a great little steamer for veggies, I will say I am not a big fan of it going into the microwave. I am not sure if this is BPA free or not and I am not too keen on using the microwave. I feel like a lot of things cooked in the microwave loose their nutrients. I think there are small steamers on the market that you can purchse in the same price range that can go on the stove. I feel like the materials of this steamer are a little on the cheap side as well. Performance It does what it should do with steamng vegetables. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean there are not too many pieces with this set. Ease of Use I do not think you could get an easier steamer to use. It only has three pieces and is pretty easy to figure out how to use. Durability It is good for vegetables but I feel like the materials it is made out of are on the cheap side. Design Nothing fancy about this design, just a normal steamer you would think of when thinking of a microwavable plastoc steamer.



MiracleWear Meals in Minutes Microwave Fish and Vegetable Steamer

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