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MiracleBurn Fat Burner Pills

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It works, but you'll stay awake forever!


The recommended dose per day is 3, but I am sleepless after only 2 (and I take the first one in the a.m. and the 2nd by noon!).  I am sensitive to stimulants, so I'm sure that's what's going on.  I try to take just 1 per day, but the effects wear off early.  So...  I'm not sure what to do about it.  Always looking for that miracle weight loss formula... and this ain't it!  But it is a helpful, though imperfect, too.  It revs up your metabolism--- you feel hot and a little jumpy.

Asheville, NC


Did not work for me


I used these for about two months.  During this time I did not have a decrease in appetite, or an increase in energy.  I was working out while taking them, but did not get an benefits that the product promises.  I could tell that the pills were flushing water weight out of my system and if I did not drink enough water throughout the day, I would get headaches.  I felt these were a waste of my money and I will not buy them again.

Talbott, TN


MiracleBurn pill didn't work for me.


I tried MiracleBurn pills for 3 weeks.  The first couple of days I had a headache from the pills, but it gradually that got better.  I lost no weight while taking the pills, and had even started exercising.  They did not curb my appetite in any way.  I found WeightWatchers and exercise to be the only answer.  The company itself, was great.  They shipped them on time and provided the free sample for shipping.  However, I did receive my first shipment before I could cancel the order and found out they didn't work.  It was quite easy to cancel the automatic shipment as well.

University Park, PA


MiracleBurn is not really going to work any miracles


MiracleBurn sounded good- though they all sound good at first!!  I loved the offer that came with the package to send photos of before and after for money!  Yea, they can afford to offer that becausr I'm sure they are not having very many people take advantage of it.  The pills are not going to make you lose weight which is what we're all looking for - you still have to do the hard work, watch what you eat and exersise (I know, that's a dirty word). 

Riverside, CA


Expected more from it


I wasn't expecting a miracle (no pun intended) from a pill, mainly hoping to quell the appetite a bit. It did a little bit but not very much. I wouldn't buy it again. But it wasn't the worst thing I've tried.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Definitely worth a try


So I got the product relatively quickly - I bought a 4 pack (because of the discount) and it was shipped priority mail, so it arrived pretty quickly.I started using it right away - I read about peoples experiences before hand, and while most were positive, the few negative ones did not stop me... I am fearless when it comes to pills ;-)Anyway, first couple of days I noticed off the bat that it helped suppress my appetite.  Wasn't snacking as much at night - which was killer.I exercise about 3 times per week, and noticed that on days that I go, I have more energy during the workouts.  It does seem to expend your energy faster or something but all good I just sleep better at night because I'm more tired.  Wake up in the morning feeling fine, and I just repeat the process.... I was losing weight without it but it seemed to be dropping really slow - only lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks without the product, but after a month on the MiracleBurn I've lost 18 pounds!!  That's 6 more pounds (33% increase... for all you dummies) than I did without it, so it is definitely helping burn the fat faster.I will continue to use it and probably order more if I do not reach my target weight.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Jersey City, NJ




When I first tried this product, I was not sure that it would benefit me.  But, I was wrong.  The first day I noticed my energy level was up and my food cravings were down.  I continued to workout about 3 to 4 times a week and I lost the weight that I wanted to and I did not have any trouble at night with sleeping.  You need to drink your requirement of water.  This product is a good one.  I had no side effects or any type of problems while using this product, however every person is not the same.  I would recommend this to any one.  

Sinking Spring, PA


Works well


I have been using for just 2 months.  I have lost 17 lbs!  I have not really added exercize, but I stand more often.  I don't feel like I need to sit and rest as frequently.  There are people who are sensitive to this product, I personally can't take a dose after 3 pm.  I usually take 2 in the am and the last one at noon.  I will continue until I lose this last 30 lbs...should not be very long!

Hammond, LA


HYPER, but effective!


I tried this product for the first time as a sample I recived online. At the time I was just trying to lose a couple pounds, but it didn't seem to be working. When I first tried this product I noticed that it made me a little twitchy and clenchy, but if you are planning to combine excercise with it then you have the right stuff. As long as you burn the extra energy this pill gives you (like you're supposed to) then you should be pleased with it. But it's not one for a day of sitting at a computer or desk. Overall, I was satisfied.

Dallas, TX


MiracleBurn Fat Burner Pills

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