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Miracle Method
Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

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Poor job, undependable franchisee


Had tile and tubs done in 3 bathrooms. Looked really good until it started peeling after 16 months. Came out twice and fixed, but 3rd call hasn't produced any response from franchisee. Problem continues to worsen. HQ in Colorado could care less. I guess litigation is next.


Lakeland, FL


I wouldn't buy this product again


The product was used for my guest bathroom tub. I didn't want the cost of completely renovating the room, when only the bathtub and sink area needed attention. This seemed to be a good alternative after seeing the examples in the showroom. The installation started off well, but at the very last moment when the installer was removing the paper and tape from the walls, he allowed the tape to touch the, still wet, tile and that area had to be refinished. Because of the patterned design, the touch up did not match the original color or design and clearly stood out. This was on the tile only, the bathtub looked very good. Since this had been a temporary remodel, we negotiated with the dealer to reduce the price of the job to half of the original cost. Despite the defect in the tile, it looks better than the old tub and tile. Since it is a guest bathroom and not used very much, in the 8 months we have had it, the tub has only been used twice and so far seems to be holding up, but I am having difficulty knowing what cleaning products to use, as the dealer only suggested their very expensive cleaner and warned not to use anything abrasive on the product. I've become very afraid to use any chemical product on it for fear of the surface cracking, bubbling or otherwise degrading in a short period of time. If you are looking for a quick fix, this may provide you with what you need, but I don't think it should be used for long term or heavy use tubs.


Riverside, California




Floor cracks frequently and local company refuses to stand behind warranty any longer. Had vanity top and bathroom floor resurfaced a few months ago and the the floor was bad from the beginning. It's so very rough we can't clean it! Manager told us to put down an area rug!!! They won't come fix my floor without us paying for it now despite their warranty!


Rochester, NY


Doesn't stand up to use


Had our original claw foot tub resurfaced 2 years ago. Within the first year they had to return twice for repairs and a third time for entire resurfacing. Initially looks fabulous, but what it actually did was turn our bathtub into a decorative item. Very frustrating.


Hyattsville, MD


tried twice, it's okay


We used Miracle Method on our green tub. The young man that came was very professional but fairly new, I told him to please be careful of the new floor tile; he had me look it over but it wasn't until the lighting changed (day light) that I noticed some drips in the tub, and spray all over my new tile. I called the next day and he came back and fixed the tub but I had to scrub the tile floor (didn't want to let it cure); after about 3 months the tile started peeling on the walls, ( it had not been used) I called and a more experienced man came out to fix it, he said the young man just didn't put quite enough on, no issues since. We decided to have them do our kitchen counter and it looked okay initially they said wait a full 24 hours to use it, we waited 3 days; a drop of hot butter hit the counter and immediately ruined it, they came back and fixed it, which was great but once again as the lighting changed I noticed some strange looking spots and imbedded dried chunks, the owner himself came out and said they would fix it, they did and it looked pretty nice. it's been about 2 years and the biggest issue I have is that it is NOT near as durable as they said, the stains on the kitchen counter can't be cleaned (mustard I think). We called them for advice but nothing seems to work and because of previous issues (butter) I'm afraid to scrub too hard.


Brunswick, Ohio


Not Such A Great Product


I have used the Miracle Method Surface Refinishing Company twice to have my bathroom shower/bathtub resurfaced. The first bathtub started cracking and rather than replace it I had Miracle Method resurface it. They did such a great job on the first bathtub that I had them do the second because their was a patched hole in it. I was reassured both times their product would cover the cracks and hole with problems. After spending $1500 on both bathrooms the product has not withstood the test of time. The cracks came back in the first tub and the resurfacing has chipped away from where the patch was. I have had them come out and inspect the tubs but they gave me some lame excuse how they are not liable for their product not working properly and would not fix it. Their ever so great warranty does not exist so buyer beware.


Wilmington, Nc


I wouldn't buy anything from them


They are unprofessional and rude


Montgomery Alabama


Clearwater, FL - Unprofessional, Disrespectful - Stay Away


I called the day before the appointment, and your company confirmed my appointment for between 10 AM and 12 PM. They said they would call 30 minutes ahead of time to confirm they were on your way. The day of the appointment, no one showed up. I called at 10, No answer. Called at 11, no answer. Called at 12, Jessie answered the phone and sheepishly told me she meant to call me but she was "busy", that the person who was supposed to respray called in sick. This was really unprofessionally handled, they wasted my time, didn't even take the time to call and let me know they weren't coming. I will be taking my business elsewhere.


Clearwater, FL


Stay Away


Our experience with Miracle Method Indy West was very negative. After they did the initial job poorly, we called them multiple times and sent multiple emails. The phone calls were basically ignored. They would answer the emails, but not follow through. Eventually, they said they would come again, but it's been nearly 3 years. We do not trust them and would absolutely not recommend them.


Anderson, IN


3 day job not fnished in 1 1/2 month,kernersville nc


never on time, does not come when he says he will, does not return calls, after he put down 1'st attempt, told us it was his first time with this product, promised 3 day job. after 1 1/2 month not returning calls. floor uneven, holes, indentations, milky white on 3/4 of floor. i wish i had never began this nightmare. run, run, very fast. nothing like sample


winston-salem, nc


Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

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