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Miracle ME81 8-Cup Rice Cooker

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Excellent low-maintenance, stainless steel rice cooker


I eat rice 4-5 times a week and have never enjoyed having to check on it constantly to make sure it is cooking properly. I decided to look into a rice cooker but was hard pressed to find one with a stainless steel pot that was reasonably priced. And then, voila, the ME81! Making rice has never been so easy. You add rice and water, plug it in, flip the switch to cook, and check back when it's convenient for you. Perfect rice every single time. It automatically switches to the warm setting when it's done cooking. Cleaning up is simple as well. I've found that if I turn it off once it's done cooking [rather than having it sit on warm for a long time] and then let it sit for 10 minutes or so, all of the rice easily comes up off the bottom and there's not even a need to soak it for cleaning purposes. If I do leave it on warm for a while, some rice does stick to the bottom but it's easily cleanable with a quick soak in the sink. Cleans beautifully. I absolutely love this rice cooker! Quick, low-maintenance, easy to clean. Excellent!




Makes Great Steamed Rice


My Wolfgang Puck rice cooker had a worn out plug in connection, so I bought this smaller rice cooker by Miracle because it was Teflon-free. The inner pot is shiny stainless steel, without a non-stick coating. Some rice does usually stick to the bottom, but not much if I peel it off right away. I like that the rice does not burn and there is no overflow of boiling water when I cook rice. It makes enough rice to feed five people in our family with some leftover. A great product. Ease of Use I just fill it with 1 part rice and 2 parts water, plug it in, and press the switch down. Easy peas-y! Durability The stainless steel inner pot is thick and durable. I expect it to last for many years.


Lincoln, NE


Only recommend for non-forgetful person


Pros: I was so happy to find this rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot instead of those cancer causing non-stick pot. Price is good too. I usually cook 3 cups at a time, soak for 15 minutes first, after it's done, leave it without open the lid for another 15 minutes, the result is very good. Cons: It does not have auto-off setting, so if you forgot to turn off after 15 minutes, the bottom of the pot will have burnt dry rice. If i cook more than 5 cups & use steamer at the same time, the rice doesn't turn out good at all. If you have no time to stand by & unplug the rice cooker when it's done, then this is absolutely not the rice cooker you should buy. There is a company makes rice cooker with stainless inner pot & has "auto off" setting when the rice is done,. the brand name is Ta-Tung, a very old & reliable rice cooker manufacturer in Taiwan, the price is only a little bit higher than this Miracle brand, but it's worth it. I would buy that brand next time.


Tempe, AZ


Miracle ME81 8-Cup Rice Cooker

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