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Miracle Juicer

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The Miracle Juicer: Love making fresh vegetable & fruit juices


The Miracle Juicer Made in Poland imported by Miracle Exclusives www.miracleexclusives.com 1-800-645-6360 I am a daily smoothie maker and I have wanted a juicer for some time.  Last month my husband walked right into a trap he set himself and I got a new juicer.  When I pointed out the juicer, he said "If it is not made in China, I will buy it for you."  I know that what he meant was "if it is made in the U.S.A. and not made in China" but alas it was made in Poland and he kept his word. **Features of the Miracle Juicer:** -automatic pulp ejector -removable external pulp container* *I then take the pulp and turn around and add it to my smoothies later.  I like it that I can detach the pulp container, cover it and put it in the fridge until I am ready to use it.  One improvement I would suggest for The Miracle Juicer is that it would be nice if the pulp collector came with a lid. -easy feeding hopper is fool-proof and very safe -stainless steel cutter and strainer -comes with a three year warranty I love the results with The Miracle Juicer but my biggest complaint is that there are six different parts to wash when your done.  Luckily, the design for taking The Miracle Juicer apart and putting it back together is really intuitive. **About the accompanying juicing book:** The accompanying juice book gave me lots of ideas for juicing that I never would have thought of.  It also gave combination suggestions and vitamin and health information for each and every fruit and vegetable listed which was helpful and very motivating.   What the juicing doesn't give you is exact recipes or specifically how much of any fruit or vegetable to use to make any specific amount of juice so you have to play around with it and learn by trial and error.  The short answer is "a lot." An apple, 3 carrots, 3 sticks of celery and cup of peaches will give you about 1 cup of juice but boy it is such a healthy and tasty cup of juice. **My Viewpoint:** The Miracle Juicer makes fresh juices in seconds!  There is some clean up, yes, but what an easy way to serve my family fresh fruits and vegetables.    

Big Island, VA


Miracle Juicer

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