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Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Plant Food, 6 pounds

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Early this morning I followed the instructions on the package as I applied this product to my gardens.  Once wet, a strong 'cow feces' smell comes from the ground.   Our 2 dogs immediately went for it when we let them out this morning.  And ate some.  Within minutes they were vomiting.   We have called the vet and poison control, and while there are no ingredients that specifically harm animals, their stomachs are very upset.  They need to watched closely for signs of poisoning and dehydration, of course, we'll be doing this for the next couple of days.   I also called the company who manufactures this product and they basically told me the dogs couldn't be harmed from it.  They also sent me a list by email of all the ingredients with a note thanking me for my interest in this product. Let's be clear - my only interest now is the safety of my dogs.  I will be trying to remove what remains from my garden and I will never be using this product again. After the fiasco with the dog foods recently, you can be sure that I'll be warning all I can about this product.    

Sumas, WA


A better choice for plant food


Miracle-Gro Organic Plant food is my plant food of choice, because it is easy to find, and I feel very good about using it.  I have a pond, and a stream also flows out of my property.  I have a lot of gardens, especially around the pond, and I must feel good about what chemicals ultimately run into it.  This plant food isn't raw, rich fertilizer, that will quickly raise the algae level in my pond, or change the pH.  With all the gardening additives I use, I must think of this issue very seriously.  It is less important to me with potted plants, of course, but when so much of what goes in the ground ultimately ends up in this water, my conscience needs to be clear as possible.  I feel I am even working to prevent fish-kills, which is unfortunately a reality when you keep a pond.  I use it mostly in the late winter and early spring, when plants, shrubs and trees are beginning to come to life. 

Fairfield, VA


Plants sure do grow good, and you feel good for using organic


Although I don't know how important it is to use organic potting soil, I do know that it has the right amount of nutrients for my plants as they have seemed to grow out of control this year.  If only I had kept up with watering them, I would have a beautiful garden... :)  This soil is rich and dark and holds water well.  It is easy to work with and not full of clay like the normal cheap walmart brand soil.  I hope the organic label doesn't mean it comes from the rainforest or anything like that... I know how some companies use the term organic to make you think it is good for the planet, though it really isn't... you can call a banana from the rainforest organic, but it doesn't help the plant if you cut down the tree...  Anyways, this is a good soil as potting soils go and I would recommend it for any kind of plant.  My lime tree sure has loved it; the only thing that didn't grow well this year was the marigolds, and I think that's because they caught a virus.

Saint Louis, MO


Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Plant Food, 6 pounds

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