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Miracle-Gro Liquafeed Kit

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Keep your receipt and be prepared to take it back.


Some folks must be more lucky than me. I've pruchased 2 of these and after 2-3 uses they have both quit working, that is, not fertilizer is dispensed from the fertilizer bottle, it stays full, even after 40 or more minutes of spraying. Yes, the dial was turned to feed!! Contacting Scotts was to no avail. They seemed indifferent. Somehow, I don't feel like I'm the most unluckiest man in Texas to have purchased two bad sprayers at different time. Different reviews on the net tend to support my views. Something is assuredly WRONG with this sprayer. Some work fine, but how many out of how many is the question?



Great for lazy gardeners who still want nice plants!


I'm a lazy gardener.  When I bought my first house, it came with a nice flower/shrub path all around the back yard.  Apparently the people who lived here loved gardening.  I love flowers and shrubs, but I hate gardening!  So I've found many "lazy" products that really help!  Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed is one of them.  When I first moved in, I used to just water my plants but over time some of them just looked blah.  So I decided I should start feeding them. This product is so easy to use that this review is gonna be a short one!  Here's how it goes.  You simply screw the yellow sprayer onto the hose, just like a regular sprayer nozzle.  The Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed bottles are about the size of a water bottle with a screw off cap.  Just screw the bottle into the back of the sprayer.  Turn on your hose.  Lastly, walk to each shrub or plant and turn the nozzle to Feed.  Some feed and water will come out saturating the plant.  Let it feed for a few seconds before moving to the next.  That's it!  You're done!  The best part about this sprayer is that you can leave it on the hose all the time.  Of course, you should take the bottle off and put it somewhere safe and away from kids.  However the sprayer itself has a "water" setting so you can water with it anytime you want. You only have to use Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed once every 7-14 days so it's not even a daily thing!  I try to remember to do it once a week but get it in once every 2 weeks regardless.  I definitely see an improvement in my plants since I started using this last summer.  They come in greener and live longer. 

Metro Detroit, MI


Good overall product with only one real con.


This product is easy to use and I love that you don't have to mix or mess with the powder. It has multiple settings which is handy when using on a variety of plants. It screws on easily and works like a higher end sprayer. The only con is that when left on it's side it leaks which not only over fed the plants it was laying near but also wasted the product. As long as you either keep it upright or unscrew when not in use I would recommend this product. My plants and flowers were much more likely to get miracle-gro with this handy little tool! I also was amazed at the differance it really made. My flowers were not only thicker and larger but the colors were more vibrant, they were stronger and survived some pretty heavy rain storms and even lasted longer into the year than when I hadn't used it. Over all worth the money and makes a very noticable differance in the look and life of your plants.

Indianapolis, IN


Miracle-Gro makes my garden Gro


I so enjoy using the Miraco-Gro watering kit. It makes feeding my plants a simple core.  It takes all the fuss out of measuring the right amount for my garden area.  I screw on the kit to my hose outside and then feed until the bottle runs out of blue liquid. To drain you just hold the bottle upside down for a few seconds and then you are done.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results on my garden (flowers and vegetables) although miracle gro is not recommended for all veggies, I still saw improvement in my quality of produce and quality of bloom.  It seemed that I had more veggies and more blooms the more consistant I was with the once a week feedings.  Our soil is hard clay and full of rocks.  This was a great product to help us grow in terrible soil. I would highly recommend using this product.  It takes a while before you will see results so be consistent over a month or so before you decide if it works for you.

Longmont, CO


The Miracle-Gro Liquafeed kit is a one step wonder.


When I saw the Miracle-Gro Liquafeed kit commercial my first thought was what a great idea.  I use miracle gro all the time because it is a good product.  Connecting the miracle gro bottle to the hose and turning the water on was not only easy but it covered all my flower beds and the yard with some left over.  Almost immediately my plants perked up and started growing fuller.  I have 5 flower beds and lots of pots and planters all over the patio and I am happy to say that all my plants are doing great with the help of miracle gro.  My mom always uses miracle gro and her plants always look great, if my plants look half as good as hers then I am doing great.  I took pictures of my flowers and sent them to my mom and she was proud of my success.  I do get people walking around the neighborhood stop and tell me the yard looks great and ask me what my secret is I tell them "it must be my Miracle-Gro".

Rockville, MD




I started using this Miracle Grow product on my garden last year. My garden imediately started to explode with life and I had a more fruitful garden then any other year that I can remember. It worked especially well on my tomatoes. In past years, I had gotten maybe 3 or 4 pounds of tomatoes per plant. Last year, I got nearly 10 pounds per plant!!! The miracle grow also really helped my carrots. Not only were they bigger, they were more flavorful. As for the actual sprayer, it works well, it is easy to use, and it is incredibly effective. I also use the sprayer when I'm not feeding my garden(because you have the option to do so!). I have had a lot of sprayers in the past, and they always have a tendancy to break. This sprayer is still going great. The cost of the actual feed is not that bad either. It's just an all around good product. Honestly, I think that the product is well worth the price.

Lakewood, OH




Miracle - Gro Liquafeed Kit has got to be the best product idea i have ever saw. I bought this and fell in love. It really made my flowers and plants grow and beautiful!!!! I never thought anyone would come up with something like this!!! I thought oh man i have to water my flowers and plants everyday, turn around and put the plant food into the water and now i dont have to!!! We were so surprise that the money we spent on this was well worth it. Believe me, at first when i seen the price i was like no i am not gonna spend my money on that cause it aint gonna work but then on the other hand i really needed it for my plants and flowers or they are gonna die, But take my advice the price maybe a little high but if you use a coupon it is well worth it, i promise. Take it from a  lover of gardening and planting, buy this and you will not regret it!!! I have used this product twice now and i dont always have to water my flowers and have to put the plant food into the water, it took for every like two hours to water my plants and flowers and now i dont, thank goodness!!!

Nottingham, PA


Miracle-Gro Liquafeed Kit

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