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Miracle Blade III
Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Knives

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Don't waste your money.


I received Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Knives as a gift once. We've all seen the commercials for them. They cut through boots! Man, these things but be strong, durable, and high quality, right? WRONG. When I opened the package of knives the first thing I noticed was how low quality they were the second I picked them up. The handles are cheap plastic and they are very light weight because the steel they are made of is, is horrible. These were pretty sharp at first and cut well through things. That was until about two weeks in when I was cutting an orange in half and the knife broke. The handle just slipped right off...while cutting an ORANGE. Oranges aren't that tough of a product to cut through. I thought these things could just cut through boots and frozen goods? Please tell me how I managed to break a knife after owning it for 2 weeks, while cutting some fruit? Over time I had a a few of the other knives get wobbling handles, which I assume would have also broke if I continued to use them. Do not buy the Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Knives. The commercials are simply a lie. They are poor quality and quickly start to break.




Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Knives: No, don't do it!


A couple of years ago I was demonstrating a stain remover I manufacture at a home & garden show. Down the aisle from me was the Miracle Blade booth. Often when we demonstrators take breaks we watch other demonstrators. There's always something to learn. It's show business. I watched him; he watched me. A barter was struck and we each left with the other's products. **What do I think after two years?** I'm a pretty accomplished cook. I like good food and good cooking tools like quality knives. These knives miss the mark and it didn't take anywhere near two years to realize it. They tend to be thin and light, made of low-grade steel and largely owe their initial sharpness to their serration. With the exception of bread slicers and perhaps utility knives there's little if any need for serration. We'll look at different aspect of these knives below: Comfort The handles are made of cheap lightweight plastic resin. All of the working knives lack a bolster to keep your fingers from making contact with the rear of the knife blade. No danger here, just an aching index finger after prolonged use. Performance Out of the box, these blades are sharp and come close to a 4 rating. But use any one knife heavily and performance falls away sharply. Sure, the utility knife will cut through a leather sole. But we're not buying knives to cut through our shoes. Durability The blades have a tendency to rust badly and are prone to pitting and handle failure when repeatedly put in a dishwasher with an interior drying element. Design The Miracle Blade III Knife Set is designed to be culinary eye and mind candy for the amateur would-be chef. The blades are poorly balanced and some of the knives (steak knives) are embarrassingly flimsy. These blades are designed to separate the naive from their money.


Boca Raton, FL


Miracle Blades are sharp!


I'm normally wary of "As Seen On TV" infomercial products, but the Miracle Blades are the real deal.  One year of college, my roommates and I used a Miracle Blade filet knife *exclusively*.  Even after a year of use on most anything, it remained the sharpest knife in the house.  (In hindsight, it would have been smarter to at least use one serrated knife and one non-serrated.)You've seen the infomercials of a Miracle Blade cutting through a lead pipe and then slicing effortlessly through a tomato.  The gimmick is true.  Backed by a lifetime warranty, the knives stay sharp.You could pay a lot more for designer knives from Shun or Henckels or other companies, but the Miracle Blades are an amazingly effective (and cost-effective) substitute.  The names on the handles look tacky, and overall craftsmanship doesn't stack up, but they cut well, and that's the bottom line.I see others have tagged cons of poor durability, but personally that's not a problem I encountered.  Maybe I just haven't given them such heavy use!


Sunnyvale, CA


Miricle Blade III Knives - I like em


I remember watching the info commercials for years and always wanting the knives. Then my friends parents got the knives and swore by them. I still resisted thinking "could something from an info commercial really be that good?".  Well, I found them cheap (20 bucks) and decided, why not give them a try after all these years. I have to say, I am highly impressed.  While I admit that I have not had them very long I am very pleased. The rock and chop is my favorite. I use it all the time. It is quick and easy and the way it rocks is perfect. The slicer is sharp and can cut through anything i have needed (the hardest of which has been frozen things). The steak knifes are really nice and better than any other that I have owned. I like them enough that I am going to invest in the block.  One thing to note (that I was not ready for) is that they do have "stainless steel" and "Made in China" printed on the blades. While I am not commenting on the topic of things being made in China, I feel that it makes the knives seems a little more run of the mill (and I guess, truth be told, they are. But they are very very high quality nice run of the mill and without that text, they would like very high quality).  If you have thought about buying them but afraid that something on an info commercial cant be good, go out and get the knives, you wont be disappointed. 


Rochester, NY


A Fair Set of Knives


If you need a set of everyday knives to do basic things, these may be the knives for you.  But if you need good quality knives for cooking and choping I would not recommend these knives.  I bought these knives after a coworker told me they were great.  The first issue I had was with purchasing the knives.  It took three weeks to get them and we were told it would take less than a week.  And when we tried calling customer service, we could not get a hold of anybody.  When I finally got the knives, I could not wait to use them.  Especially after my coworker raved about them.  And at first they were great.  They were sharp and did a great job cutting through a variety of different things.  But over time they became duller and not cutting through things well.  I also thought the knives where cheaply made.  They had cheap plastic handles.  And the plastic handle on the scissors broke within a month.  Overall,  I would not buy these again.  And they only people I would recommend them to would be college student or somebody starting out who needed some knives.  You would be much better off spending your money on quality knives.


Denver, CO


Well, they're knives, but there's nothing miraculous about that!


I'll admit it...I got suckered in by the TV ad promising to cut down on your prep time and being able to cut through a frozen carcass.  I should have known better.  I purchased a set of **Miracle Blade III Perfection Series** knives and the accompanying knife block several years ago.  So far, they still cut the things I need but there have been a few major disappointments. First of all, the blades are rusting.  They are made of stainless steel, but every single knife has patches of rust on the blade.  I cannot scrub it off, no matter what I use.  Secondly, the knives never really did what they promised.  I spend just as much time preparing my foods as I did before.  I don't think it takes a genius to figure out how to use each knife, so it's not operator error.  I was also disappointed with the kitchen shears that came along as the "free gift."  Within weeks, the plastic handle had cracked and I was no longer able to bear down on the scissors to cut through so much as a plastic bag!  They went in the trash pretty quickly.  Another down side of this set is that the knife block is an added cost - it does not come as part of the set.  If you elect not to buy the block, I would be concerned about safety when considering storage. I do like the Rock N Chop knife...this one has a curved blade and can be rocked back and forth to mince herbs easily.  Other than that particular knife, most of the others are just your run-of-the-mill kitchen set.  I have not had to sharpen the knives yet, so perhaps that is one advantage over other knives.  Despite the advertisement, the blades are not as sharp as the day I bought them...and I don't cut through lead pipes or frozen carcasses! Overall, I really can't recommend these knives.  You could do just as well with a set from a kitchen specialty store or a supercenter.  Don't get all excited by the commercials...they're definitely a good example of "if it sounds too good to be true..."


Just outside Cincinnati, OH


Only love the steak knives.


I purchased the Miracle Blade Cuterly set because it was buy one set and get one free.  We ended up having to pay extra for a block for them to go in otherwise they would be all in a drawer, sound convienent?  Not really.  The knives look great and so easy to use on tv, but they aren't, it's so much easier to pull out a santoku knife and cut my items.  The scissors are the worst part of the whole thing, they don't cut plastic!  The only thing good I can say is that I love the steak knives.


Lansing, MI


You can slice and dice through walls.


The Miracle Blades have been on the cutting edge ever since the first version of the ever so powerful knifes first came out. I have had my set of the second set the company came up with for well over five years and I haven't had to sharpen all but one blade. Just cause I use it more than others.


Bell, CA


Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Knives

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