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Portable Car GPS
Mio Portable GPS Navigator

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Before I owned a Garmin...I owned a Mio C320


This mio C320 was the first GPS unit I owned. For what it was, it did its job well. It did not have the bells and whistles, the same easy to use intuitive user interface of the Garmin GPS I owned later, but in truth, it did not need it. This unit was not ahead of its curve or feature-laden, but it never let me down as far as its navigation. If you end up purchasing a used one for a good price, it is likely to provide the same level of service for you as it did for me. A caveat: if you are planning on using this navigation in places/roads that are newly built/constructed or not likely to be listed, you may run into difficulties of this unit now being able to locate/navigate in these areas. When I owned this unit, I did not update it so I am not sure how this process would work.


Beverly Hills, CA


Just alright.


My old mio was stolen so I got this newer version to replace it. I wanted one that had a mp3 player built in since my phone didn't have one at the time and i didn't have a music system in my car. I was suprised to find that I liked the older model much more than the 320. The 320 connected and found my location pretty quickly...but plugging in info or just navigating the buttons/options was more difficult and time consuming. Also, like the older model I had, it didn't give me much verbal warning when a turn was coming up. Usually I'd be passing the turn when it was telling me to turn. So I would have to drive while glancing more often than not at the screen to make sure i knew when the turn was coming...which isn't exactly safe. The mp3 player worked great except that, like the older model I had, it wouldn't let you flip through tunes while in gps mode. Basically you told it to play, and then you entered gps mode and it would keep playing...but you couldn't pause, stop, or skip a song. Unlike the older model i had, there was no volume buttons on the outside frame. i haven't used it in awhile since my phone has gps now, but i still couldn't tell you where the volume control buttons on the screen are. Not the greatest of gps's.


Roslindale, MA


Mio Portable GPS Navigator

3.5 2