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Portable Car GPS
Mio Portable GPS Navigator

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Great Starter GPS


Where can you go wrong when you purchase this GPS?  Its hard to.  This GPS is great.  You get full features and don't have to pay an arm or a leg to get it.  The GPS is easy to use and easy to see.  The screen size is 3.5 inch, but that was standard back in 2008.  Now it is more common to get a 4.3 inch GPS.  This GPS picks up the signal with great accuracy and speed.  I'm not sure how, but it locks on rather quickly.  The white casing makes this GPS a beauty.  I will share some disappointments with you on this GPS.  First off, you don't get text-to-speech (not available then) and you don't get such a good battery life with this unit.  You have to have it stay plugged into the cigarette lighter as you drive and navigate with this device.  You also do not get the lane guidance or that many point of interests.  In fact, since they are not an american company, they do not have or know all the popular places.  There are few restaurant selections and few attractions.  Hey, but with advance planning, you can obtain the address of the place you would like to go and punch it into this device.  It will not fail to bring you to the correct destination.

Tracy, CA


Neat little machine


It's unbelievable what this device can do, and the amount of info in it's memory is staggering.At first it was a little limited, but since adding it's easy to install upgrade, it has been unstopable. I used it on a trip from South Florida to Maryland then on to Illinois and then back to Florida.It never let me down. I knew in advance what restaurants, motels and services were up ahead, how far they were, and how to get to them when I left the interstate. I love this little machine, and I hope I'm not breaking any copywrite laws, but I never leave home without it.

Boynton Beach, FL


Mio Portable GPS Navigator

4.5 2