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Portable Car GPS
Mio Moov Portable GPS Navigator

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The Mio Moov 200 is not the best choice.


The Mio Moov 200 is a portable navigation unit.  It is a very compact size that can be used in the car or slipped into your pocket for portability.  It has a nice text-to-speech feature where it speaks street names in its directions.  For updates, the Mio connects to your computer via USB cable.  There's also a SD card slot. The Mio does a good job of what it's supposed to do - it directs you to your destination.  It's affordable and lightweight/compact.  However, it has several faults in it's interface and usability. Of course, it's compact size has the trade-off of only having a 3.5 inch screen.  This might make its visibility a concern for those of us that don't have perfect vision.  The screen also has the negative of being a poor touchscreen.  I'm not sure if it's because the screen is so small that it's difficult to accurately touch the virtual buttons or the touch screen just has bad pressure sensitivity.  Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get the touchscreen to operate well with your fingers.  Because of this, I almost exclusively use a pen to program directions - using this method, it works fine.  The specs say that the battery life is about 2.5 hours, but I've found that the unit dies within about half an hour from full charge if it's not connected to a power source.  Lastly, the internal antenna (if there is one) stinks.  Don't expect the unit to capture satellite signals effectively without attaching the included external antenna.  With the external antanna in place, the reception is good. For a cheap unit, the Mio Moov 200 works, but there are better options out there.

San Jose, CA


Mio Moov 200 GPS is good value for money


Mio Moov 200 GPS really helps me especially on freeways. It indicates lane change well ahead though there is some problem sometimes in indicating the Exit on freeways. For some exits, it says the exit number & place name but for some it does not even tell to take the exit. Instead it says "in 500 yards keep right, keep right". So I just keep right but not the extreme right to exit. But after I pass across the exit, it starts recalculating the route ! Initially I used to get confused why it is recalculating but later would realise that it meant me to take the exit by saying keep right. Also sometimes it gives wrong exits but corrects itself just before we need to change lane to enter the exit. Otherwise its really good. Has all the features of a complete navigation system like street names & distance to turn, recalculating route is fast, has all the POI, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, gas stations etc. It also has low battery alarm, shows speed, speed alarm can be set so you know if you cross the speed limit. Also has daylight & night mode - really helpful. 

Lake Forest, CA




you get what you pay for. this is an older version of the mio, so i can't complain too much. i've had it for about a year now. i will say that when i first bought the device it was very responsive and quick. but now, it it not very responsive. i can press the touch screen numerous times without anything happening.....i put destinations in it and it gives me the wrong route. i even updated the maps....sometimes it even says the location can not be found..very strange....but it isn"t all that bad. the device has served me quite well actually. and again it is an older model. i am sure the newer versions have modified those glitches...

Piscataway, NJ


Wow didn't know it would be this fast and easy


I just got the Mio Moov 200 GPS for Christmas. I hooked it up right away and was happy it was so easy to install and begin using. Basically just stick it to the window, plug it in and turn it on, simple. It was a liitle touchy getting the touchscreen to work but I'll get used to it. I may use my daughters Nintendo ds pen on it. It was easy to understand and very acurate on every turn I was impressed. The maps look great and it gives you a few different views which is cool. It also tells you eta and your speed and lets you easily save favs. I thought it was cool it had a girl with a British accent but she is kinda hard to understand. The only complaint I really have is it should have come with a storage case for when you hide it in youyr car or take it along with you in someone else's car. overall very good

Brigantine, NJ


Mio Moov Portable GPS Navigator

3.5 4