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Portable Car GPS
Mio C220 Portable GPS Navigator

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Definately gets you where you want to go.


My step son got one of this and showed it to me and I was really impressed with it.  Its easy to use although sometimes it will take you the scenic route.  Its compact but the screen is easy to see.  Maps are current.  I've seen some that are much more expensive and this does pretty much what all the rest do at a fair price.


Bowdoin, ME




I had this GPS unit for 2 years.  I bought it because it was a really good deal at the time.    It has a fairly standard interface and body.  The menu is organised intuitively and it's fairly easy to access features like address entry, points of interest, recent addresses, etc.   But beyond the basic functions, I thought it was a little annoying to get customisation settings  figured out.  It took me awhile to figure out how to change the current route.  The touch screen was inconsistent in responsiveness for me, but maybe that could be blamed on my fat fingers. The satellite reception is mediocre compared to other GPS units I've tried.  It would usually take about 5 minutes for me to lock onto four of them in the SF bay area.   My final complaint is that the software  is terrible.  The routing algorithm is inefficient and doesn't always give the best route.  The operating system crashes every few hours and then the GPS has to be rebooted, which takes another few minutes. 


San Gabriel, CA


Great GPS for the price


We got this unit a couple of years ago when my husband had to do a ton of driving for work.  It was pretty cheap.  It got the job done.  I rarely have a problem when I put in an address.  Once in a while it takes me in a less than direct route, but it's usually pretty good.  There is a nice option that you can change to take either freeways or city streets.  I also love the fact that you can program in several locations and it will figure out the shortest route to get to all of them.  Another favorite feature is the "home" feature which saves your home address and is easily accessible.  I love being able to just push one button and get directions home.  It's a pretty sturdy unit and attaches to the windshield well.  The power cord has had some problems and we've had to replace it, but that's mostly it.  I'd recommend this unit for anyone who wants a basic unit and to not break the bank.  It's a good little unit.


Kansas City, MO


The Mio is a GREAT GPS for the cost. works as good as high end


Purchased this Gps a few months ago after a different, more pricey gps was not getting me to the locations I needed to get to.  The GPS does lack some features, and you will always need to retype in any address that you did not save which can be time consuming.  There is no detour features, and you if the gps has a way it says to go it will make you drive in circles to get you back on track.  After all that down fall however it will get you right to the location at the door or parking lot.  When it comes to the time feature it is always right maybe off by a minute so that feature worked better then others, getting to location worked better then others.  So if you want a good GPS and dont want to spend tons of money this is the one to get. 


Parlin, NJ


Gets the job done, sometimes


The navigation is hard to get used to. It took me awhile to figure it out. Definitely a thumbs down if your going to use this as is. Whats good about this though is, its based off of windows CE so you can reprogram it to run other programs. Programs such as igo or even tom tom. You can even put in this programed called "mio pocket". It turns your little navigations unit practically into a mini computer. You can play music, video, games, etc... It has a lot of different options.If your wondering if a navigation unit is worth it, it is for the times when your lost somewhere. It also has a feature where you can look up near by businesses. So if your on a business trip and looking for a place to eat, you can pull up places close to you. Need a gas station? The mio will help you find that as well. I no longer have to call a friend when i'm in an unfamiliar city. All i have to do is turn on my MIO


North Hollywood, CA


Gets you where you need to go


So, I had recieved this item as a gift for christmas about 2 years ago. As someone who travels frequently for work, it was more of a necessity than anything. My parents purchased this model for me because of it's small size and durability. I do have to say that it fits well into any purse and is very light. I do find that ocasionally it turns on by itself and while I am at work I will hear "GPS Signal Lost". This is a phrase that I hear often from this machine. Each time I reach a destination and turn off the GPS, as I get ready to leave and turn it back on, it takes a good 15 - 20 minutes to 'find' itself again. This is very frustrating as sometimes I will turn it on while I am driving somewhere if I get lost on the way. Once it does finally pick up, It does quickly caluculate the route. Overall it is a good product and works well/ However, if you are looking for something that will give you speedy directions, you may want to continue your search.


Coventry, RI


An absolutely outstanding product - and GREAT price.


Got this last year at Pep Boys' after Thanksgiving sale. I've bee VERY pleased with this little unit. It's easy to use, accurate, reliable, and most of all flexible. Having the card slot as opposed to lots of internal memory has been the best feature. As a GPS unit, it's above average. But with a little searching online, you can learn how to unlock your unit to reveal it's underlying Windows operating system. Now, I not only have a great GPS system, but I have a unit that plays movies and MP3's. With the headphone jack, I'm in business. 


Fruit Heights, UT


Inexpensive and easy to use.


Easy to use.  Updates quickly when you miss a turn.  My main negatives are the routes it takes me....even when I have it set to take still try's to take me the back roads.  Other than that it works great.


Delray Beach, FL


So Outdated!


I have lived in my house 8 YEARS and my neighborhood still does not show up. This thing got me so lost in San Antonio because it is so far behind. I had to call my sister to mapquest where I was and how to get home! I called the company to complain and they told me it was the map makers fault. I called the map makers and they state they have provided updated maps but Mio has no plans to do an upgrade anytime soon. Better to spend the extra money and not get lost!


Elgin, TX


Works fine for us


sometimes it says obvious things wrong, like take the exit on the left where as clearly it is on the right. Don't know why it does that, but if you still have your common sense then it is the GPS for you,


Fayetteville, NC


Mio C220 Portable GPS Navigator

3.4 14