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Minute Groom
Minute Groom Waterless Bath for Dogs

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Awesome waterless bath works great on bigger breeds


I raise/train Standard Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.  These are big dogs with a ton of fur!  This is the only waterless bath solution that actually works.  When I say works I mean it seriously takes the grunge, dirt, and smell out of our dogs' coats.  Our dogs run and roll in the horse pasture, play in the hay, lounge in the mud, and roll in anything that stinks.  So at the end of the day when the dogs come in and snuggle up with the family "waterless bath" puts my mind to ease.  They can be clean and smelling good in less than five minutes.

White Sulphur Springs, MT


Quick bath if you're in a hurry.


My husband and I are the owners of three dogs of varying size. One is 90 pounds, another is 30 pounds and the smallest is 25 pounds. They are indoor dogs but they  need their exercise and we put them outside to get some energy out. Our summer has been brutal and the dogs have needed baths more often than we have time to give them. We purchased the Minute Groom Minute Groom Waterless Bath for Dogs in hopes that this would solve our problem. While this is a very helpful tool it isn't perfect. The waterless bath is basically a glorified pet deoderizer. It masks the dogs smell and only works for a day or so. The dogs don't actually get clean from this product. It is a great tool if we have friends coming over and don't have time to bathe them. It defintely freshens up our dogs in a quick minute. All you have to do is spray the waterless bath on the dogs and then rub it in with a cloth. Quick, easy, painless...and you stay dry.

Smyrna, TN


Minute Groom Waterless Bath is a life saver!


I have 3 dogs now and even though they spend most of their time out in the dog pen I like to pamper them and keep them somewhat clean.  I use to do outdoor showers with the hose and some good dog shampoo.  When you do this with large dogs you will get a shower too!  It can be quite the ordeal expecially if your dog doesn't like it.  I found this Minute Groom Waterless Bath at Petsmart and I love this product.  First of all it works just like it says.  The dirt really comes out of the fur!  It smells awesome and takes away the dirty dog odor or even wet dog odor.  It moisturized their skin with aloe and jojoba, deodorizes and cleans.  I will never again go back to the other type of bathing.  The instructions are spray rub and wipe.  It's that simple.  For my dogs I do go one step further and brush them.  They need that as well, but this is a totally enjoyable experience as I love it and the dogs love it!

Tecumseh, KS


Best product of its type on the market


This Waterless Bath from Minute Groom is one you can rely on between grooming appointments or baths at home.  It works fantastic on foul odors that dogs love to roll in!  My dog seems to have an affection for rolling in piles of dead grass...not the best odor in a human's world!  I just spray him with the Waterless Bath, rub it into his fur and he smells fresh and clean again.  Fast acting, easy to use, results immediately.   Can't ask for more than that.  Price is reasonable also.

Indianapolis, IN


Minute Groom Waterless Bath for Dogs

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