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Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation

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The only foundation i will ever use


I love love love this foundation. It just melts away into your skin and looks flawless all the time, every single time. It blends so well with your natural skin color that its so natural looking. If you are looking for more coverage, you will want to look for something else. This has light-med coverage and that is perfectly ok with me. It looks great during the daytime as well as night and when the flash comes on in pictures.. your face doesnt look ghostly lol., some makeup will do that to your face. I highly recommend this. Go visit a salon or counter and get matched with the right color for your skin. This is a great foundation. It has just the right amount of luminosity that makes you look young. I am not a fan of the matte makeup so this is perfect for me.



MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation clogs pores!!!


I really liked this foundation as far coverage goes, but it clogs pores very badly!! Turns out, one of the active ingredients is stearic acid, which is a known (to the dermatology world) skin irritant and clogs pores!! I would use it basically, because I didn't have anything else, but do not recommend it. I have since been trying some other brands, but haven't found one I'm "in love with." Any suggestions?

Freeland, MI


This Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation is my GO TO foundation!


         Once again, this is coming from someone that likes to try out new things and experiment with all different kinds of makeup.  What goes on the best, what covers best, etc?  Fortunately, I don't have acne, BUT I have freckles and an uneven skin tone... yeah boohoo for me.  I have to have full coverage.  No tinted moisturizer, no powder only, FULL coverage.  I love this stuff! I was skeptical at first to try it since as you know MAC makeup is one of the more expensive brands and with kiddos you have to watch your budget.  It doesn't break me out at all as opposed to the Studio Fix Fluid.  It comes with a VERY VERY convenient pump so I put on my concealer, then primer, and put a veyr small amount onto my MAC 190 and have at it.  It's very even full coverage, and looks amazing in pictures.  It probably compares to the Revlon Photo Ready in that sense. I'm almost out but will definitely put forth the extra money to get that.  I don't stay one particular color, sometimes I tan, sometimes I get pale, but the color NW30 is a good even mix for a broad range of shades!

Tell City, IN


All smooth and clear... lovely for daily wear


I use my MAC foundation on a daily basis at work and it gives me not only a good sun protection but a smooth and clear face without any artificialness. They have been no side effects on my skin ever, comes in different shades to suit each skin color. it s a part of my daily make up.... a little expensive but worth every penny!

Long Beach, CA


its the best!


i have to say that this is one of my favorite foundations. it is lightweight and really blends into my skin. it feels really moisturizing and i love the finish this gives me. i dont  find myself putting a primer with this foundation because it lasts without one. i really would recommend this to anyone who wants a really good foundation. it is worth it to buy this and it is not that expensive compared to other high end foundations. i apply it with my fingers and then blend it out with a foundation brush or a stippling brush. and then i apply loose powder on top of it. it looks really natural. i also love mac foundations because they have so many shades that you will find one that matches your skin tone. it has a great finish. i also like to sheer this down by applying some of my moisturizer to use a tinted moisturizer. it is really great and you should try this if you want to get a new foundtion. i love this a lot!

Robbins, CA


Great coverage without cakey look or feel. Lasts all day!


I'll save money anywhere that I can but I won't forgoe my MAC.  It's worth every penny and I've never found anything that compares.  I've been wearing this foundation for a couple years now.  I use MACs foundation brush to apply it.  It goes on smooth and you don't need to fuss to much with evening it out.  It seems to do that for you.  The bridge of my nose gets really red and I used to have to wear two seperate foundations there to cover it.  This product takes care of it without a problem.  My favorite thing is that it really lasts.  I have one of those jobs where I might sit at a desk all day or I might be on the run non-stop.  With other make-up, I feel like by noon I'm a mess.  This stuff looks just as good at 5pm at when I leave the house at 8am.  MAC makes a mineral powder too that I dust over it in the morning.  It's makes a great combo.  I have really fair skin and people always comment on my "beautiful, procelein" skin.  I graciously accept but I know that I don't wake up like that.  It's all MAC!

Norton, MA


MAC Mineral Foundation is one of my favorites


 After suffering with acne for a few years, it finally cleared up and was completely gone; but then I was left with scars. After trying many products to try and cover these scars, this is one of the only products that will cover those blemishes. I usually like to mix this with Bare Minerals foundation to get the best coverage for me. By combining the two of them, my skin looks as flawless as it did before I even had acne. Another reason why I am a fan of this makeup is because of the applicator that comes with it, I really enjoy not having to always reach for a makeup brush when I want to apply my foundation, but instead I can just use the applicator that comes attached to the bottle. A combination of this and Bare Minerals, blends evenly with my skin and doesn't look caked up or piled on. It almost looks like I am not wearing makeup at all. For someone who doesn't have any blemishes to cover, I think this makeup alone will be enough for everyday wear. I also really like how it is not as expensive as some of the other department store brands. I will be buying this again.

Owosso, MI


I love this product it's amazing.


I just bought this product yesterday and so far I am in love with it. I was going to buy the studio tech but I thought it was a bit to heavy for me :/ I have sensitive skin and tend to break out with heavy make up, but this mac product made My skin look so flawless and beautiful.... I cant wait to try more of their products. Its a tad expensive for my budget but so worth it.

Hialeah, FL


if you are looking for mineral makeup...stop right here!


I was a faithful BE user.  But the packaging was always annoying.  Anytime I travel (which is fairly frequently) I would have to tape up the little holes so the product wasn't all over the place!  I tried several brands of mineral powder makeup...    BE, Avon, Almay, and finally came across this MAC product.  Price point is slightly higher than BE, but a little goes along way.  Personally, I felt it provided better coverage then BE and MUCH better packaging.  It comes with an applicator (sponge like) but I still use the kabuki brush.  Provides light-med natural coverage.  I usually use this on weekends when I want lighter coverage.  Wide range of skin tone colors to match and I always love MAC's recycling program (if you are an avid MAC user).  All in all, I was very satisfied with this purchase!

Phoenix, AZ


Number 1 Foundation.. period!


This mineral foundation is the best yet. It provides skin with a soft natural look and one does not have to worry with it clogging pores. Its lightweight and very easy to apply. Although a bit pricey, I would definitely reccomend this face make-up as a wonderful investment and will last you quite a while. It comes in many different shades so you are more likely to find the right shade for your skintone. Also, it does not make your face feel like it cannot breathe; so lightweight you can barely even feel that it's even there.

Cambridge, MD


Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation

4.5 10