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Mineral Fusion
Mineral Fusion Lip Stick - Molten

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omg i love it


 I have never tried one of these type of lipsticks , but im so thankful i gave it a chance. Its healthly for ur lips, so why not. I was actually looking for a cleanser when i stumpled over this amazing lipstick. :) This is also great for my pale skin and dark hair color. It also has sun tan protection, so i can know that they are awesome for keeping my lips healthy. The color also** **is a beautiful color that im sure will look incredible on anybody.  I love pink lipsticks, but i dnt look good since i dyed my hair frm blonde to brown! Amazing look but it chaned how i had to do my makeup tones. But this one is perfect for me.This lipstick** **goes on your lips perfectly  and is like matte, so it looks natural. It compares with a MAC product. Im big on DIOR,MAC,ETC. but sephora brands, and health store brands might be a very close second. i know that this one is one i well definalely be looking at once again in the near future. 


Naples, FL


My favorite lipstick on the planet!


I have tried a ton of the **Mineral** **Fusion **products and have loved almost all of them.  By far, my favorite product of theirs is the lipstick.  Not only is the color, beautiful and perfect for my pale complexion, but it is made with high quality ingredients that are actually good for your skin. **Mineral Fusion says: **"A protective flash of color designed to enhance your lips and brighten your smile.  Enriched with antioxidants to surround your lips with protection". All **Mineral** **Fusion** products are made with minerals and contain a small amount of UV protection because of that.  Their **Lip** **Stick **contains titanium dioxide which is the mineral that gives you the sun protection. The color **Molten **is a beautiful color that looks like a blend of mauve and nude.  I don't like pink lipsticks, so this is as close to pink as I get!  The neutral color of nude added to the mauve makes it a great color for my skin color.  The **Lip Stick **glides on your lips and provides a semi-matte finish.  It doesn't shine, but it doesn't leave your lips looking dried out either.  I love that they are made with antioxidants that will help fight free radicals that make your skin age and wrinkle. All **Mineral Fusion **cosmetics are: - All natural - Talc-free - Contain antioxidants - Paraben-free - Use natural colorants - offer UV protection If you are interested in trying mineral cosmetics that are actually good for your skin, I highly recommend **Mineral** **Fusion**.  They are pricey, but you get what you pay for.  Other Mineral Fusion cosmetics that I would recommend are: [bronzer][1]  and the [pressed base foundation][2] . [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Mineral-Fusion-Luster-Bronzer-review-a6993 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Mineral-Fusion-Luster-Bronzer-review-a6993


Camp Lejeune, NC


Mineral Fusion Lip Stick - Molten

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