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Mineral Fusion
Mineral Fusion Concealer - All Shades

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Great Concealer


I love the way this concealer works with my skin. It does a fantastic job of hiding dark circles under my eyes while not creasing to make me look way older than I am. I love it! I use one color, but there are two shades to mix and match with. I occasionally use the darker shade of contouring. Great product.

New Jersey


Other than the fact that it's natural, it's nothing special.


I love my [Mineral Fusion Pressed Base Foundation][1] , so I bought the **Mineral** **Fusion** **Concealer** too.  They sell this concealer in three color choices which include a duo of two separate colors: Warm 1 & 2, Cool 1 & 2 or Neutral 1 & 2.  I love that this concealer is made with all natural ingredients, isn't tested on animals, is paraben-free and loaded with antioxidants.  It does cover up break-outs and dark circles under the eyes, but I don't really like the texture.  I like that I can use my finger to apply it where needed, but the texture is kind of oily.  When you apply your foundation and powder over the concealer, the oiliness of the concealer makes it kind of wipe off, thus making it not as effective.   **Mineral Fusion Concealer **isnt a bad concealer.  I do like it for under the eyes, but I don't like it for covering up breakouts.  I probably wouldn't buy it again since I can't use it for everyting.  If you have really dry skin, this concealer would probably be perfect for you. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Mineral-Fusion-Pressed-base-review-d1b44

Camp Lejeune, NC


Mineral Fusion Concealer - All Shades

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