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Millstone Coffee Colombian Supremo 5 lb Bag of Beans

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Superior Coffee at the Grocery Store


I've been brewing Millstone for approximately two years now.  I particularly like this Columbian blend.  It's a dark roast coffee, which I favor, but smooth without any acidic aftertaste.  The price per pound is exceptionally reasonable, especially compared to cafe prices.  Generally I brew this in a French Press, which further brings out the rich aroma and taste.  I've also become a fan of other Millstone Coffee flavors, including their flavored coffees (like caramel truffle, etc.) and appreciate the fact that the company offers Free-Trade options, as well.  This particular brew wouldn't be a good choice for those coffee drinkers who are looking for a light roast or a "floral" tasting coffee.  I've purchased this coffee at my local grocery store and Millstone prices are a little lower than the other well-known brands - but I think this tastes the best of all the grocery brand options.  Another thing - being able to grind your own beans is a benefit to its taste!

Colorado Springs, CO


Millstone Coffee Colombian Supremo 5 lb Bag of Beans

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