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MilkBank Insulated Feeding Baby Bottles

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These bottles are great.


I admit that the Milkbank bottles first caught my eye because I thought they looked cool.  But the more research I did on them, the better I liked them.  It came down to Milkbank bottles or Dr. Brown's, and I decided to take a chance on Milkbank.  I'm glad I did.  They are so easy to assemble and clean.  There aren't a million parts like the Dr. Brown's bottles.  And the venting system really helps keep my son's tiny tummy from filling up with air.  I was concerned about my son going back and forth from bottle to breast, but we have had absolutely no issues with nipple confusion.  He takes the bottles at daycare, and then comes home and nurses with no problems whatsoever.  I like that his bottles are distinct from the other ones in the fridge at his school, so there's no chance of them getting confused with others (even though they are properly labeled, with a fridge full of bottles I can understand how that might happen sometimes).  We are nearing the end of his time using bottles and will be transitioning him to sippy cups soon, but I have really enjoyed using these bottles and will save them for my next child.  

Lawrenceville, GA


MilkBank Insulated Feeding Baby Bottles

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