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Milani Minerals Loose Foundation

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best of the all the 'drugstore' mineral makeups!


...and I have tried a lot! A little of Milani Minerals goes a long way. It feels light and natural, and lasts all day. It covers acne and hyper-pigmentation flawlessly. Best of all, it does not make me break out and minimizes shine. The only negative is the ridiculous container and  stiff brush it comes with. I actually poured the product into a sifter jar from another mineral makeup that I dumped out and am also using a different brush.

Macungie, PA


Great price, excellent quality, comparable to the more expensive


**INTO THE TREND OF MINERALS LOOSE MAKE-UP?** I have found a make-up foundation product that I have nothing negative to say about.  Usually I have a few things I would change, but continue to use anyway, because it's the best I've found at the time.  Milani minerals loose make-up is my answer for the perfect product for me. The cost first of all, is lower than the more well known brands, which I have tried, so I can compare, and I like this product just as well, if not even better.  The shade suits me better than the other brands, and so does the price! You can control the coverage to exactly what you like, light and natural, or more coverage.  I've always wanted more coverage to cover freckles, so at first I thought this sort of foundation wouldn't work for me.  However, I can get the fuller coverage that I like, hide my freckles, and it looks way more natural. Touch-ups work great with this product.  You can apply this first thing in the morning for work, and then apply more for an evening out and it looks fresh as if you just applied it, no joke!  It doesn't cake layer after layer.  I hate the look that you could "scrape the make-up off a woman's face"! It makes my skin look silky smooth, and for those of you worried about wrinkles, it hides them well.  No liquid foundation to sink into those lines. I'm sure this could be true of many of the talc-free mineral make-up out there today, but with the great price, Why pay more?  I have told many of my friends about this product, and have gotten many compliments.  The container is small and easy for on the go in your purse.  Give it a try, you won't be sorry!  

Johnson City, TN


Milani Minerals Loose Foundation

5.0 2