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Milani MINERALS Powder Blush - Luminous #201

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Milani Luminous makes my skin glow!


First let me start out by saying that I LOVE this blush!  A couple of years ago I received it as a gift in a basket that my friend gave me that she put together full of beauty products. It is one of the best gifts I ever received! This is the only blush I have worn since. It is often compared to another well know blush made by Nars. I have never used the other blush,nor have I seen it. However, the other blush is a celebrity favorite. I do not like to pay those prices for makeup. Because I have never used nor seen the NARS, I cannot compare them. But, I can tell you that this is just the loveliest blush ever. It has a pinky , peachy, gold glow. You can actually see the gold speckles in it. It gives the warmest and most natural glow. The only problem I have is that it is SO hard to get. Only one drug store chain sells this blush. Sometimes I have to try two or three before I can find one. They are usually sold out. I and my three daughters all wear it. I usually pay about 7.50 for it. We are all fair skinned. Three of us have "warm" coloring and the fourth has "cool"coloring. So, when I see it, I buy it ,  because I know when I need it, it may be hard to find. This is my all time favorite beauty product!

In Upstate, NY


natural blush for unnatural price!


This is a simple go to blush for my daily work look (neutral taupe lids, pinky blush and light lip) I have heard raves about how this is a mimic for the infamous Nars Orgasm. But that was for the old version. When Milani completely re-did their line, they not only changed packaging, they re-formulated their colors and ingredients. This review is for the new Luminous (as the picture above would suggest)I got this is a filler for an online order and boy was I glad I did. Now I reach for this blush almost daily (well, I have lots of blushes, so maybe 3x/week) It gives a natural pinky glow. It doesn't oxidize (meaning it turns orange over time on my oily skin) like some other cheap blushes. And it stays put through a 12 hour work day. Hurrah! The consistency is a nice finely milled powder that my blush brush picks up easily. I don't use the included applicator brush because I find it too small to get a nice apple of the cheek application. I generally toss the applicators for most drugstore products. The case is small and compact but there's a good amount of product and I can imagine that it will last me several years. Generally 2 swipes across the blush will be enough for each cheek so each application only uses minimal product, suggesting it's highly pigmented (that's good!)  Easy go to product for a great drugstore price! Will definitely rebuy if I ever run out. 

Los Angeles, CA


If you can find an old one-this is fabulous- otherwise forget it


I remember when I first learned about MILANI LUMINOUS BLUSH- I was amazed how much people raved about it and how much it was like NARS which is a brand I have never done well with. Orgasm is a color of blush that everyone seems to like- a peachy pink with gold shimmer, and I thought it would be a nice blush to have. I purchased MILANI LUMINOUS with great relish and love its color.  It lasts pretty well and it does give a lovely glow to the face.  (I never use just one blush as it is not very natural looking, but it is a great base color I spin off of a lot). Then next time, I purchased one- FORGET IT.   **WHAT IS MILANI LUMINOUS LIKE?** There are comparison photos on the net of these two blushes- NARS ORGASM vs MILANI LUMINOUS.  I do not have NARS as I do not do well with this brand at all- it completely vanishes on me pretty quickly no matter what I do. MILANI LUMINOUS doesn't. The original MILANI LUMINOUS is a nice easy to use texture of blush which blends well and ads a beautiful glow to the face.  Other ones that I bought from the SAME display later vary from chalky boring pink to matte peach- all with the same label. Because of this, I can not even rate this blush correctly, as it is impossible to tell WHAT you will be getting since MILANI is so inconsistent with this color. It is too bad because it is a lovely color- or it was before they messed around with it.     **PHOTOS TO COME** Right now, I am not able, but soon I hope to do comparison photos of the MILANI LUMINOUS blushes that I have- I think I still have a few of them to show you.  Hopefully the differences will show up on film.  I have also heard that the newest MILANI LUMINOUS is again different than any of the others as they have changed the formula to that of MINERALS BLUSH. So if you are thinking that LUMINOUS is going to be a duplicate of NARS ORGASM, make sure there is a return policy because you just may be very disappointed. Because of this wild inconsistency, I have given this blush 1 star, because it is very hard to find the *good* one anymore. You can find out more about MILANI at www.milanicosmetics.com

Podunk, NY


Milani MINERALS Powder Blush - Luminous #201

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