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Milani Buzz Worthy Bee Gone 06

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I love this gloss its not stucky or to drying its just righy


Aguilar, c.o


Milani is a must!


I think I will start by getting my cons out of the way. I hate the scents of most lip glosses that are not specificially fruit scented for a reason. Milaini is no different in that regard. I know they meant well with the addition, but I do not care for it at all. With that being said and out of the way. As an allergy sufferer, this is great! I got over the scent because I love the shine. You get your monies worth out of this gloss plus some. It layers well over lipstick to give it that added staying power. You can definitely wear this alone. Sometimes I just put it on to have a nice tint to my lips in a nice warm color and it comes out lighter than it looks. More like a medium coverage tint. Enough to be a lip gloss with a hint of liquid lipstick look to it. The packing is also pretty and that goes for the Milani line of products across the board. With an affordable price tag and great packaging on a super product, you can't go wrong! You'll actually like taking this out to freshen up cause it looks that nice and you didn't pay the high prices.


Stafford, TX


Milani Buzz Worthy Bee Gone 06

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