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Mighty Malts
Mighty Malts Speckled Malted Milk Eggs

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An Easter Necessity


I have always loved malted milk balls and Whoppers are still one of my favorite versions of the candy but when Easter rolls around there are a lot of different brands that put out malted milk balls. These are in the shape of an egg so they are oblong; they have a white shell to them with speckled colors to give them a nice appearance. I like that they are packaged in a clear bag because I can see if they have been exposed to heat (which will make them stick together) and to see if there are any broken pieces. A couple years ago they started making the small mini packs of these which are great to put in plastic Easter eggs. They can also be used for Easter baskets if you don't want to have unwrapped candy in it. What I love about them is that they can be sliced (with a sharp knife) and used on the sides of cakes or on top of cupcakes as an edible decoration. Even out of the bag, these have a great taste to them but the candy shell that protects the malt ball center is thicker than other brands. These are inexpensive and have a really smooth taste to them. Unlike Whoppers that only have a thin milk chocolate coating to them, the shell on this is thick. If you opt to suck on them instead of chewing them or biting into them your mouth will get discolored from it. I wish that they would make pastel colored malted milk balls that had a little more color to them so they could be used to decorate cakes without them getting 'lost' in the white frosting. The thick shell is what makes this different from other malted milk balls and the Easter themed malted eggs but they will melt if they are exposed to heat. The shell will melt if you keep them in your hand too long so keep that in mind if you are planning on using these to decorate treats or cake slices.



Mighty Malts Malted Milk Eggs Easter Candy Melts in Mouth


When it starts to get a month before Easter the stores start to put out the Easter candy and put it on the shelves for the early Easter shopping crowds. I can't resist going down the candy isles. As I was scooping out all the delicious looking candy in the various forms, I found one that was similiar to a favorite of mine. It was this Mighty Malts Speckled Malted Milk Eggs. They are similiar to the Whoppers and they came in a 19 ounce bag. My mouth I felt was drooling as I antipicated sucking on these malted milk eggs as they dissolve in your mouth. The bag of candy got in my house, on my desk and thats where they will remain until I have every one gone. I just couldn't wait to eat them until Easter as I had to be like a kid and wanted them now. The candy is made by the Necco company which is another well know candy company. The malted milk eggs are about an inch in size and each is done in pretty pastel colors of pink,lilac, robins egg blue, light yellow, and white with multi colored speckles of color on each one.Well, my bag is now half empty, so I hope they have more of these for me to enjoy without the store being sold out. **Nutrition Facts: **Serving size is 6 pieces and there are about 13 1/2 servings in the bag.** Calories** are 190 and calories of fat is 70. **Total fat **is 7 grams, **Saturiated fat** is 6 grams and **Trans fats** is 0. Sodium is 55 grams, Cholesterol is 0 grams. **Carbohydrates **is 31 grams and** Sugar** is 26 grams. **Dietary Fiber** is 0 grams. **Protein **is 1 gram. **Allergy Information: **Contains milk, wheat, barley and soy.Processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts and eggs. **Made in USA **by New England Confectionary Company,Inc. in Revere, Massachutes. Website is www. necco dot com.

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Mighty Malts Speckled Malted Milk Eggs

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