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Miessence Miessence Concealer - All Shades

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Miessence Concealer - a Real Smooth Operator!


"How do I love thee, let me count the ways!" Yes, I'm rhapsodizing about face makeup! The Miessence Concealer blends so smoothly into my skin...I just love it! You can use it to correct any skin flaw including dark eye circles, blemishes and age spots! I mainly use mine under my eyes to counteract those tell-tale dark circles that give evidence to the fact that I never get enough sleep! I am very careful about what I use around my eyes...I love it that the Miessence Concealer is organic and smooths on like silk! I only use my ring finger to gently dab the product under my eyes. Why do I use my ring finger, you ask? Because it is the weakest finger and subsequently will do the least amount of damage to the delicate under-eye area! Miessence recommends that you apply the concealer *before* your foundation. Just dot concealer on carefully and blend with your fingertips slightly past the edges of the problem. Follow with translucent foundation. Be careful not to rub in the concealer. And as a bonus, it provides UV-protection!

Berlin, PA


Miessence Miessence Concealer - All Shades

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