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Miele Vacuum

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It will outlast the dog hair!


I have two dogs and I really need a vac to last for more that one year. Bagless vacs die so quickly in my house. Uprights often throw loose dirt around on hard surface floors.  Miele is a sturdy machine with ergonomic handling. Telescoping handle will allow extended reach. Multiple power settings allow you to clean furniture, curtains, throw rugs and more. High power and quiet settings also make the machine a joy to use, my dog is not afraid of this machine. The floor attachment and other cleaning tools switch out quite easily. The retractable cord zooms back into the machine with ease. The base scoots along the floor with just a nudge. You do need bags but as the bagless machines die so fast I figure it is worth it. The machine will pack in a ton of hair before needing a new bag and filter.  

La Mesa, CA


Miele Vacuum

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