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Miele Upright Vacuum

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miele upright vaccum cleaner with attatchments


I like this vacuum cleaner it is easy to use and really quiet and picks everything up off the floor. It has really good suctioning quality to get everything up off the floor. Maneuverability It maneuvers good, easy and with ease. No hard work taken to maneuver it. Ease of Maintenance When something got clogged in the vacuum, we had to take it back to where we got it, to have it fixed because it has a different type of screw in it. With our vacuum cleaner we could take off the bottom plate and try to correct it on our own, with this vacuum we didn't have that option. That's the only maintenance that needed to be performed on it though. It was just a hassle and took about a week overall. Suction Performance It picks everything up, even the hard stuff to pick up like pet hair and gets everything. Versatility It comes with a variety of attatchments to use for all circumstances that they might be needed for. With a removable hose to use them. Design The design is good and everything about it, except for the fact that it doesn't tell me when the bag is full, so I can change it. You need like watch it and know how much room you have left with it.



Powerful Vacuum!


While this vacuum is very powerful, it's also very heavy. That makes it a little cumbersome to lug around the house. It vacuums up pet hair effortlessly and completely. Maneuverability Because it's so heavy, it's hard to lug around. But it does have the capability of locking down the vacuum tube so that you can just roll it along the floor. Ease of Maintenance I haven't had any maintenance issues, so I can't speak to this, but I know the company I bought this from services this machine. Suction Performance Very powerful suction. It's a good idea to pick up any scatter rugs you may have laid down prior to starting to vacuum, otherwise you may end up with the rug in the beaters. It has good suction to get up all the crumbs and stuff from the floors, as well as the dog hair from the carpeting. Versatility It's onboard tools make it versatile enough to clean upholstery, curtains and get in cracks and crevices pretty effectively. Design The design is good. It's functional and works well. The upright design probably works best in an all carpeted home, and mine is mostly hardwood flooring. Durability I would presume it's durable, but I haven't had it long enough to know that. The housing is plastic, but it's so heavy that the guts of it must be much more than that.

Palmyra, VA


Miele Upright Vacuum

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