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Front Load Washers
Miele Touchtronic Front Load Washer

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Missing functions


I expected functions on this machine as on every normal European washer. Had been very disappointed and faced with no separate-indepentent rinse and separate spin cycle. I like to wash my socks under a faucet and just spin them for few turns. Not with this machine. I would have to go through the whole wash cycle. So now I have to use the old method and wrap them in towels and then dry the towels! What a waste of energy! Same with cleaning, dusting rags; I would prefer to rinse them and reuse them until there would be enough for the whole load. Now I have to rinse them in a bucket and then wring out by hands.

Rexford, NY


Not sure it's worth the cost


We have had our Miele washer for 4 years, and during that time have had 3 kids, so we do a lot of laundry! We were convinced, because of the energy saving features of the Miele, that it would be a wise choice to conserve our water bill amidst so much laundry. While It has saved us water because of less use during each load, I don't think that our clothes come out as clean. For a while we were trying to wash cloth diapers, and I would have to run them 2 or 3 loads to get clean, so we were using MORE water because one wash cycle was not getting them clean. Also, we get some spots on the front of our clothes, and when you check their "problem solving" guide, they recommend using more detergent. I did use a bit more for a while (not much, by the way, I use the HE detergent that they recommend, and I use less than a teaspoon per load!), and we ended up having to repair the pump that pumps out the bubbles after the washing is completed. That was a much more expensive fix, and so we have gotten used to having apparent oil spots on some of our clothes. I would label this a finicky washer, and would not buy it again.

Seattle, WA


You will not regret this purchase!


I have had this miele washing machine for the past 10 years with no issues. I love all the different options for temperatures and spin cycles. The features are awesome. I have definitely saved money with this purchase. I only need a small amount of detergent for my wash loads. It is very water efficient and the choice of spin cycles can really cut down your drying time especially with bath towels. I would not hesitate to spend the money for this purchase. Miele is definitely one to be considered.



Efficient and very high-tech Miele washer


My current rental came equipped, courtesy of a landlord who's fanatical about saving energy, with all-new high tech appliances. The washer is a Miele Touchtronic. The first thing you'll notice about this washer is it deserves its name. The thing has more buttons than my car. They're all nicely labelled with just what kind of wash cycle they produce, making it actually easier for me to operate than a standard dryer (do I want hot/cold? cold/cold? hot/hot? medium?? -- the Miele figures it all out by itself). It is supposed to be water-efficient as it uses a small amount of water and spins at high speed. This does result in a bit of a racket sometimes -- it's in the garage but I can hear it vibrating in the house. Other than that, though, my only complaint is the relatively small capacity of the washer.

Tallahassee, FL


Keeps your whites white.


This machine does a great job.  If you have used .conventional american washers all of the white stuff turns gray.  But not with a Miele.  You get great clean clothing.  The machine is also very gentle and you can wash very fragile items that you would not put in an agitator washing machine



Miele washers can't be beat.


I am a great believer of products from Miele. Here is another example of an outstanding product. The Miele Touchtronic W1213 Front Load Washer is amazing. My family uses it almost daily with great results. Our house has a septic tank, so we typically wash our clothes with the energy saving, water miser features. Since all Miele products originated in Europe, they have these features as standard features. The front loader uses even less water than a typical top loader because of its efficient design. I have found several of our dogs, specifically a Westie and a Cairn terrier, staring at the glass front door watching the gentle washing action of the machine. I must admit it can be mesmerizing even for humans!This Miele product is a slim (24") super capacity front loader designed to be placed under a counter. It has a stainless steel honeycomb drum and seven different wash temperatures and spin speeds. There is a child lock feature that parents will welcome. Of course it also has the obnoxious buzzer that all washers seem to have. The front loading feature of this washer means it can handle a load of towels for a family of four in one wash. You don't have to worry about the load shifting or getting tangled up together. In the summer, I can put six beach towels in and have them cleaned and almost dry when the cycle is complete. The large capacity of the washer is wonderful for a busy family. It can also handle very small loads with ease too. Just program the type of wash (permanent press, cotton, etc) and set it for a quick wash. Within 34 minutes it is finished. Great for those times when you are trying to get out of the house in a hurry or your college age daughter is trying to get out of the house and back to the dorm! One of the most amazing features of the washer is the ability to set the spin velocity. So for instance, if you are washing towels, you can set the spin to a higher velocity to remove more water. When it is finished, move it over to the dryer and you use less electricity because the clothes are almost dry already. On the higher spin settings the washer can sound like an airplane is getting ready to take off in your laundry room. Just make sure your installer levels it properly or this might drive you absolutely crazy.I use detergent that is listed for High Efficiency for this machine and end up using much less than normal because the machine is so efficient. Very little water is actually used so the amount of detergent is much less. The same goes for the fabric softener. I like to dilute it to half so the dispenser doesn't get a big build up of product. There are so many other features too numerous to list here, so I recommend checking this one out at your local appliance store. Some of them are even set up to give demonstrations. Believe me it will be well worth your time.

Moorestown, NJ


Miele Touchtronic Front Load Washer

4.0 6