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Miele TT5000/S5261 Red Turbo Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum

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Perfect for pet owners


I have an Alaskan Malamute dog with a thick double coat who sheds massive amounts. I need an all surface vacuum that is easy to use and can handle the workload. This vacuum fits the bill perfectly. It is fantastic on both carpets and hard floors. It is light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs. The cord is long enough that I can vacuum any room without switching plugs. The vacuum is small enough that it can sit on a regular stair if you don't have a landing. Or it is light enough that you can hold it in one hand and vacuum with the other hand. The bags are a bit expensive, but they last ages. I can normally go a little over one month on each bag (I have a dog that sheds massive amounts and I vacuum every other day- so they would likely last even longer in other people's homes). They are easy to change and don't make a mess. I love that the attachments are stored in a compartment on board. You simply put them back when you are done. No more looking for lost attachments. It also keeps everything very neat and tidy. The retractable cord also helps keep everything in order. I've had my Miele for 3 years and not had a single problem, but it's nice to know I have a 10 year guarantee just in case. I love my Miele. Suction Performance The adjustable power is really useful too.

San Antonio, TX


Miele TT5000/S5261 Red Turbo Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum

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