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Miele S 6270 Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Great vacuum!


After our old Electrolux bit the dust, we knew we wanted another tank vacuum. Options were limited, but the salesman told us we'd be very happy with this vacuum. And we are. The attachments are easy to change and the bag capacity is good (though the bags themselves are a little expensive). It's quite a workhorse and I highly recommend it. Maneuverability This vacuum is very easily to maneuver. The size is great to slide between objects. Ease of Maintenance Parts come apart easy for maintenance. Suction Performance The suction is very strong. It is also adjustable for carpet, tile, drapes, etc. Versatility This vacuum has several attachments that make it a very versatile for use all around the house. Design Sleek, functional, simple design. No complaints! Durability The Miele is a very durable vacuum. Ours has been banged around quite a bit -- up stairs, down stairs, around corners, under tables. It's been scratched, kicked, shoved, and is still perfectly functional.



Good product, expensive replacement bags


My old vacuum broke down so I saw an offer to get a ok price Miele, so I went for it (I love the brand). I love the machine! The vacuum does its work well, it has the power you need and it's quiet compared to my old Bosch. It's easy to move around and the tub and head are not that heavy. I also like the fact that the cord is longer than my old Bosch, so I can reach further without having to unplug and plug again. One major drawback about this vacuum (that's why I only gave it a 4 instead of 5) - the price for the original replacement bags. I don't like the price at all. You can get 'some' discount for buying a whole case of them - but again why should I be buying so many in a go just to get a small discount? I don't even think that you can buy private label replacement bags for this vacuum. I think I'll get one that doesn't use bags next time when I have to replace my vacuum - well hopefully this one ought to last long since it's a Miele.



Miele S 6270 Bagged Canister Vacuum

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