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Miele Polaris Canister Vacuum

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The miele vacuum is the best!


The miele vacuum is an incredible machine. It is a bit on the pricey side but it is well worth it especially if any member of your family has allergies to dust, dustmites or orther carpet allergens. The hepa filter that the miele has is easy to change when needed, last a good amount of time and is very effective in trapping harmful allergens that other vacuums propell back into the air. One of my favorite features is the six different suction settings that allow you to vacuum any conceivable surface. The attachments allow for easy cleanup in couch cushions, wall corners, under the bed, and other hard to reach surfaces that are so infuriating when you try to clean them with an ordinary vacuum. The head has two settings allowing you to switch back and forth from hardwood floors to carpets and rugs. The lightweight design allows for effortless carrying of the vacuum regardless of where you store it. (it does have wheels but you need to pick it up over stairs and such.) It is quite small which is also good for storage. The only thing that could use an improvement is that the smaller attachments for the hose don't quite attach to the base unit and i have to store them separately. There is a spot where you can attach it but it is kind of in an awkward place and is inconvenient while the unit is in use. Also there is an internal storage for the chord and a footpedal button that will reel it in, which is also alot more convenient than having to roll the chord up by hand like the older style vacuums. It is definately worth the extra money.


Flushing, NY


This vacuum sucks! (Pun intended...)


After years of struggling with mid-priced and awkward stand-ups we decided it was time to invest in a good vacuum. Miele was the obvious choice. My mom has been using the same Miele vacuum for about 15 years now. The only thing that's ever broken is the the door (for replacing the vacuum bags). Even then, it was still functional.  I've been using my Miele for about two years. In that time I've come to appreciate it's superior design. Little details, like the two options for holding the handle while not in use, are an added bonus. These details illustrate how much thought the product designers put into the creation of this vacuum.  It is lightweight and easy to lug around the house, up the stairs and over the baby gates; I've even taken it outside to vacuum the cars.  My one and only complaint is that it is difficult to push the carpet attachment on the rugs in my house. I opted for the air driven attachment, and when adjusted at maximum power it is difficult to push forward. Looking back I wish that I had paid extra for the electronically driven one.


Santa Cruz, CA


The Miele vacuums great and is easy to use, great buy


The Miele Vaccum  412 is the best vacuum I ever had. The motor is very quiet and makes almost no noise. It does a fantastic job vacuuming and is so easy to move around.  The bag is a pleasure, fill it up and throw it in the garbage. Now I love to vacuum and actually look forward to it.


East Northport, NY


I love to vacuum with my Miehle!


My Miehle Vacuum is so easy to use - lightweight, great retractable cord, quiet and powerful suction.  Everything you are looking for in a vacuum.  It is the best purchase I have ever made - well worth the money!  Much to my family's delight, I now can't wait to vacuum! I have only had stand-up vacuums prior to getting the Miehle, but now I am wondering what took me so long to discover this vacuum.  The attachments are very easy to use and the Miehle comes for an attachment for every possible usage.  The Miehle has a nice handle at the top, so you can easily pick up and move around with you while you vacumm, otherwise, it also has wheels on the back side, so it can slide on the floor as you go.  The Miehe filter is very easy to change and the vacuum bag is suprisingly large for such a small vacuum.  I also like how quiet the Miehle vacuum is - I never need to worry about waking up my baby.  Last, but not least, the Miehle has a great power cord that easily retracks with just a push of a button, so you don't need to worry about wrapping up a long cord. 


Minneapolis, MN




I just LOVE, LOVE LOVE my Miele.  every busy mom should spend the money and have this valuable tool in her house keeping toolbox!! I have had my Miele for a few years now. It was a gift from my father (after I begged for it!) for Christmas.  We have mostly hardwood, but also carpet and tile floors. This tool is so very useful for all types of surfaces in the home. I dust with it, clean ceiling fans, and have been tempted to vacuum the dogs!    The certified Miele distributor I purchased my vacuum from has been wonderful in the service of it, thought I must mention I have not had to have it "fixed" but I did need to have the carpet head taken apart and cleaned by him. Now I know how to do that and just purchase my bags from him.  The unit is light weight, easy to use, powerful and has a nice array of attachments.  I love that the attachments are storred on the unit so I do not need to keep up with them apart from the vacuum.


Columbia, TN


Great vacuum but make sure that you thttps://ake care of it well


I've been very happy with our Miele vacuum.  However, we have had problems with the units coming apart where the hose attaches to the cannister.  We were told to take care when using the vacuum and not to pull on the hose itself.  It does a great job on both hard floors and carpet.  The only problem that I have with it is that the bare floor head could be larger.  The same goes with the power head.  The brissels on the various heads have a tendancy to not wear well.  On the whole, a good vacuum that has lasted quite well.


Annapolis, MD


Miele is the a great brand of Vacuum.


I love my Miele Vacuum cleaner.  I chose the canister because I have hardwood floors and this particular brand is one of the few that does not have a beater bar that rotates.  The Miele does a great job on my hardwood and tile floors.  However it does not do as good of a job on deep cleaning the carpets.  As a result I have two machines: one for carpets upstairs and one for the downstairs hardwood.  The canister is very easy to use on the stairs though.  The telescoping handle removes easily and there are several on board attachments that can be used to clean stairs, furniture and other things like lamp shades.  It is easy to maneuver and the vacuum is not heavy at all.  It does take bags, but the bags are not terribly expensive.  It also has two filters which help to removes some of the airborne impurities from our home.  Overall I have been very pleased with my Miele and I would buy one again in a heartbeat.


New Boston, NH


Miele Polaris Canister Vacuum

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